Friday, May 14, 2010

Week's End - Mirage/Mirare

Some additional The English Patient stills (by brilliant Phil Bray). I've used them to help with some research/writing prompts & as I'm metaphorically stuck in the desert/Middle East (& Italy), they continue to resonate. The shots in the Cairo apartment were not done there but I could swear they were shot in the Garden City quarter. Those maniacal production artists.

By the way, I recently read the late (so sad) Anthony Minghella's award-winning screenplay & it is well worth buying for any would-be adapters, fans of the film & novel. You'll find that many things you think are in the novel are not - they're in the screenplay; since it didn't bother Michael Ondaatje, it sure doesn't bother me. I am sorry there aren't more stills available of the Hana/Kip story thread; I have some in folders, but that can wait. I'm beyond indulging myself here. [many images from; other credits, from here. But everything really comes down to Phil Bray.]

Have a great weekend.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh beautiful Susan
the first image has such wonderful light.. it glows...
I love the scenes set in Italy too in this movie.. something for everyone..

Have a great weekend. xx Julie

Angie Muresan said...

The English Patient is such a gorgeous movie! I love it!

P.S. What's this about a break? I'm missing you already, you know? I hope it isn't for long.

lettuce said...

lovely stills.
i've been meaning to read the book for a long time

Giulia said...

Julie--it was such a gorgeously done film. And I am so picky when it comes to a favorite novel, esp. one so poetic. Minghella was a genius at pulling a more traditional narrative together but keeping themes. So great.

Angie--Oh break. I'm really tired. And not doing a very good job on either blog. But I'll keep GG on holiday for a few more days, see what I can do about things here. I have many drafts of essays & poems. I have to unplug this thing from DSL & take it into another room & type there. Plus I write long hand a lot. Thanks for the love...needed!

The Clever Pup said...

"I'm here, I'm finally here!" she says panting, "I'm just catching up on my blog reading"

Thanks for posting these pictures from The English Patient.

"I'm not missing you yet."
"You will, you will"

Giulia said...

Very Clever, Pup!

(that scene kills me every single time)