Monday, November 28, 2011

Central Park in Fog

I don't do gift guides & shopping posts (though I enjoy reading them) & I'm certainly not paid for anything I recommend. Occasionally, though, I like something so much that I do link to it. I've loved Canadian Irene Suchocki's photographs on flickr for ages, enough to click 'contact.' People use her photographs quite a lot without mentioning that she has an Etsy shop, Eye Poetry. {finger wag}

Eye Poetry features three calendars this season & some discounted prints; there's a Cyber Monday discount on other prints as well. These are excellent prices, though, even without the discounts. Her subjects are like a round-up of what-I-love. Italy & France, animals, New York, fairy lights, carousels.

The holiday order deadline is past for Europe (& obviously Australia:) but as I said on Giulia Geranium, subscribe to the idea of the Twelve Days of Christmas & relax, man. The deadline for the States is the 5th, Canada, the 6th. Love those calendars.
This bridge in Central Park is featured on a small black & white vintage-photograph holiday card that I've sent twice. I really love these, too, though they are mass-produced.

Cheers all...

(photograph by Irene Suchocki)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

De Officiis

There are some also who, either from zeal in attending to their own business or through some sort of aversion to their fellow-men, claim that they are occupied solely with their own affairs, without seeming to themselves to be doing anyone any injury. But while they steer clear of the one kind of injustice, they fall into the other: they are traitors to social life, for they contribute to it none of their interest, none of their effort, none of their means.-- Cicero (De Officiis)

He could be such a scold...but...isn't it so irritating when someone is correct?

Update: I think I've solved the computer problem. I don't feel very well at all but am trying to get ready for Thanksgiving (at friend's in-laws).

Main Subject: I'm pissed off that most of the few emails I received re: IKEA soft toys discussed the virtues of up/recycling toys & buying local. I proclaim the goodness of buying local on both blogs. On Twitter. On Facebook. This is a global fundraising effort; it works well. So basically what I'm saying is eff off. And, you go tell children who must participate in such programs as Toys for Tots that they should be happy with a used toy. I am so angry.

If you've read this far, Tom Palumbo's site has 3 good slideshows. Under celebrity, play the slideshow & you'll see wonderful shots of the young Miles Davis. Oh, & the only reason I chose these photos is because the top one has been labelled 'pout'. My beloved grandfather was generally pleased with me, but mentioned my lower lip problem rather often.

If you celebrate American Thanksgiving, have a happy one. If not, have an easy coast down to week's end. xoxo/Susan

(Tom Palumbo from the Les Halles, Paris 1962 series)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

IKEA Soft Toy Aid 2011

Hi. I'm having computer issues & trying to figure it out: frustration & angst & fear. Meanwhile, if you go to IKEA (no matter where you are in the world), please note that this year's soft toy fundraising campaign is on through December 24th. I won't post the adorable video again, but you can watch it here.

On everyone's IKEA country page, there are blogger tools to spread the word. Even if you don't post about it, please consider posting on Facebook &/or tweet about it. Toys for Tots in the States is in major need & IKEA donated to them this year. I've been beating this drum for years: buy one or more & then donate to a toy drive in your town. Done & done. These are cute toys & they're affordable (even for me).

Let me know if you post about it & I will link to you on the Giulia Geranium blog. Thanks!

(photograph via IKEA)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My flower obsession is in full, um, flower. (Forgive me.) I have approximately one million things to do but I just spent many minutes looking at & for information on antique bulb glasses. I didn't find everything I wanted but there's always this afternoon/evening. There is actually an organization called Hyacinth Vases & it has many pretty photographs.

Kevin Lee Jacobs blogs for Garden Home Design; he has a good step-by-step for a variety of spring bulbs (& also many lovely photographs). I just realized I probably won't be able to grow the hyacinth as I don't have a spare fridge (I used to - it was very useful). So. Another plan.
I hope everyone is having a good week...we're coasting down to the weekend as of noon (EST).

(photograph by
Kevin Lee Jacobs)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Views from My Desk Chair

Wow, people. I am getting desperate (in the creative department). Here are two views from behind my desk & the chrysanthemums are on it. Julie is lounging nearby (as always). Since the snaps are so limited due to tech, I grunged'em up but good. I tweeted another shot yesterday a.m. & said that though in an urban area, this is indeed from my apt. I lucked out nearly 22 years ago. (I moved in Thanksgiving weekend, 1989.)

If you know Ruth Orkin's photos of an American girl in Italy, you might remember that she took pictures out her New York City apartment windows for 30 years. Another (mainly) from-where-I-live tumblr I enjoy is by Jennifer Ehle. Her photographs of the countryside in & around her home are lovely, some very painterly. She also has a wonderful, cheeky sense of humor. Do take a visit.

Now, I must get some errands done but I hope some of you excellent photographers will let me know if you have some shots from where you sit. And if so, might we see a few? Here's hoping.

I put up the viral video of starlings on the GG blog in case you've not seen it yet.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Girl in the Red Beret

Life's cinematic moments. Here's one captured in Melbourne by Andrew of Cuba Gallery. Click through to read his description. I'm posting this because I saw it a year ago but it just rolled around in my memory. Then, of course, I went off to look at berets, red & otherwise. Picasso & Mary Cassatt have girls in red berets. There are photographs all over the place with the title. People posing in Paris mostly. Not a small thing, either, is that the last post has Halloween in the title. So let's move on, even if it's at a limp.

PS: I vaguely recall a tweet by Simon about Melbourne's design & Paris. Enlighten us, will you, Simon? Because I looked for something but not a lot came up. And I am in a wild hurry.

(photograph by Cuba Gallery)