Friday, July 31, 2009

Week's End - On Caving

As in 'caving in.' Whether it is to a friend, family member, annoying fellow Metro rider, or a cat. Yes, a cat. Because if I don't, there will be...trouble. Or more of it. Now, I realize I've only an ad hoc policy on caving & must think about it. Some more. OK, then punt. Then recess. That's how things are done here in DC. (Craven: adj. cowardly, dastardly, pusillanimous, yellow, fearful, timid, timorous, sneaking, base. From Roget's. I'd take out 'yellow.' Such a nice color.)

Apparently, Canadians will enjoy this weekend as the literally titled August Long Weekend. I am uninformed & so will visit some Canadian blogs to find out how much more fun there will be up north. (I suspect much more.)

Back to looking at laptops & now The Cat Pages for une petite rousse. And trying to resist purchase of new book on Albert Camus.

à bientôt

[The literally titled Girl with two cats & a kitten, Sydney, 1931/Sam Hood. Whom I imagine as some dashing photographer. I do not want to be disappointed, so don't tell me the truth because I can't handle the truth. From the State Library of New South Wales archives]

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Vachement! C'est vachement difficile! That wasn't considered swearing when I lived in France. I mean not really. Bad. Or anything. To capture my mood, this should literally be Bull! But this is a peaceful guy, overseeing the quiet brushes & supplies in the studio.

The Polaroid is by the very kind & generous Marta Vallejos Pastor of Spain. I was going to use it for a post on Crete & Picasso & what-have-you. Well, that's not happening anytime soon due to unforseen (aren't they always?) difficulties. Oof, as my friend Isa oofed on Friday, readying herself & family to visit (her family) in France for most of August. Agreed, I did, as we hid from various responsibilities for a quick iced coffee in a soul-less mall thingy. Then I realized I'd unintentionally dissed someone I knew long ago, a writer. Unintentional but still I should've done something about it. By now. It's complicated (isn't it always?). We also laughed amid-the-oofs, to be honest & non-dramatic about it.

By the way, Marta collaborates with another Spanish artist on a variety of projects. They also have an etsy shop, Pocket Memories. It is well worth the time to visit both her flickr sets & the shop.

[sueña que el trigo pueda pintar el cielo de otro color by Marta V./by permission of artist/all rights reserved]

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jung & Klee in Tunisia

"It's the birthday Carl Jung, born in Kesswil, Switzerland (1875). He was the founder of analytic psychology. He noticed that myths and fairytales from all kinds of different cultures have certain similarities. He called these similarities archetypes, and he believed that archetypes come from a collective unconscious that all humans share. He said that if people get in touch with these archetypes in their own lives, they will be happier and healthier." From Writer's Almanac, 26 July 2009.

Yes, another Westerner-tromping-about-in-Tunisia post. Actually, two of them. But first...

Having a Jungian analyst friend can be daunting, useful; it can also lead to heated discussion. I took an afternoon seminar on Jung with this person; I'd not seen her in action with fellow Jungians & wow. I knew artists & writers can be competitive &, yes even, cruel. All that soothing talk of mandalas went right out the window after about 30 minutes, first session. Things settled down somewhat after I interjected a 'there is a first-among-equals-here' comment. (It was a paid-for thingy after all...some deference should be me old-fashioned.)

It reminded me of the time three German graduate students took me to Freiburg with them to hear a lecture by a famous philosopher. (I'd like to say it was Karl Jaspers but since he died in 1969, it would have been quite something to hear him lecture in the 1970s. Perhaps a student of his, memory fails me here.) I don't speak German, though I got along with minor shopping, errands, & so on. A philosophy lecture, non. That's OK, it was fun to go, probably as their mascot. (One was a painter & I posed for his classes, maybe that was it. However, to be clear, I was clothed on the train & at the lecture.)

While having some post-lecture beers, a heated default-to-German discussion erupted. I asked lamely for English or French, but things were already out of control. Some Swedish guy chimed in, I don't know if to help or to argue, completely unclear. Then, one threw his beer into the other guy's face. (I ducked.) Great outrage on everyone's part. On the train home, I joked that it was not only embarrassing to watch two grown men act so absurdly, but I'd (secretly ) looked forward to one (just one) cinematic drink-toss into an as-yet-to-be-determined man's face. Someday. When I was young enough to get away with it & he really deserved it. Now, well.... This got the laugh I'd hoped for & while simmering continued now & again, beers remained in glasses.

Back to the free-for-all at the Jung seminar. I didn't disagree with anyone except someone rhapsodizing about Jung's writing about Tunisia in Memories, Dreams, Reflections. His analysis of Tunisia & the people was close to plain dumb. Even though he qualifies it with " a European...", he still makes pronouncements that were cringe-inducing when I was 18 & worse, at, uh, my age now. Talk about colonial-infected interpretations...oh my. So that was my little contribution/warning to the group seminar. Then I sat back for 7 or 8 more Wednesday afternoons & watched the show. Relieved that I had nothing to prove or refute, I took a great deal of pleasure from the discussions. The best thing, though, was watching my friend. interact with the others. She'd become very tentative & insecure in other parts of her life over the years. Here, she was "back." It was wonderful to see & hear her express herself so clearly & at times forcefully (not rudely). No beer was thrown. (Rats!)

Two Paul Klee images. He travelled to Tunisia with August Macke & others in 1914. & it changed his painting. (He was also interested in dreams & analysis.) With Europe about to explode, it must have been a relief to be hit with the sun & light of North Africa rather than bullets. A brief respite, then WWI, another restless simmering respite, & then WWII. This time, even worse. This was ever-present in Strasbourg, every time a WWI or WWII anniversary approached; there are so many in Alsace.

Have a great Sunday or Monday, depending on where you are. xo

[Klee's Tunisian Gardens from Paris WebMuseum; le ville, Kairouan via Tunisiaonlinenews/com/2009/03/maghreb-mouled-conference-opens-in-kairouan/. The WebMuseum is in right sidebar as clickable icon, as well.] Hazel, author of The Clever Pup has an excellent January 2009 post on Der Blaue Reiter (the Blue Rider) group in Munich, here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Week's End - Zelda & Friends

I planned to use the top photograph for another post on my grandmother (who is on the right, the skinny lady). But I'm pressed for time (yes, I'm tired of typing it) & see that it is, indeed, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald's birthday. I'll come back & write more eventually. But go here to The Writer's Almanac that features Zelda. (Zelda, Scott, & Scottie are buried in a churchyard not far from me, & it's always quite sad to go past there, especially on the bus as you can look down into the yard. If you go on purpose, it's one thing; if you're riding by on busy roads & no one else is paying attention, it somehow seems wrong. I fear someday I'll turn into a tour guide, stand & begin to hold forth on the subject, on the Q2 bus.)

I asked my grandmother, so what's the deal with ripping off the top of the photo-postcard? As in, there's a man standing behind you & your friend. I asked a number of times, allowing 5-6 years in between. Same answer. Not peeved, not snappish. Just dragged on her cigarette (not unladylike in those days) or applied her lipstick or pinned on her hat. (She never wore pants, always had on heels...the best vintage jewellry, very cool.) & gave no comment except, "I just don't remember." But she did. That's catnip to a budding Harriet the Spy/Nancy Drew/you get the idea.

The final time I asked she said something along the lines of "I admire your tenacity, comment...". So I told her, whether this guy had to something to do with her friend or her or not, I would write about the photograph & make up my own story. Didn't she want to set the record straight? At all? To which she said, "That will be absolutely wonderful, honey, I'm sure of it. Whatever you come up with will be so much better than the real thing." She was a character.

Have a great weekend.

[photograph of Zelda & Scott - LIFE Archives]

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birthday Lily

Happy birthday to my sister, Beth. Talk about quick & dirty. The second photo doesn't do her justice, certainly. But I can easily change that when I ask her for permission to use something more, uh, recent. [Update a year later: she likes this photograph.] Her favorite flower is the iris. However, lilies are blooming, I like this photograph by George Brett (see below), & Beth has a pair of twins, among six children (!), & one is named Lily. So there you go. Now, I better go call Beth. She's off to Japan in August to visit another (grown) child in Tokyo & I don't have the dates. Oh, wow, I wish I could go with her. But very glad she's able to make the trip.

Happy Birthday, Beth! xoxoxoxo

[Lily by George Brett, wonderful Washington, DC-area photographer via flickr. Here's the link. Shots from all over the metropolitan area]

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ruby in Black & White

I love Ruby, it's Tuesday(sorry), & I can't post something more elaborate & actually, you know, written beforehand because I have been ordered to rest in the middle of the day. Officially & everything. Along with the swimming, & yoga, & everything-that-is-starting-tomorrow. Of course, I'm late to lie down. Ha. Maybe back tonight (I'm hearing "no you won't"...fume). Nothing serious. Just over-tired. It feels very Jane Austenish. Blinds, curtains drawn, a/c, fan, sleepy cat, flowers on the table. Many great books to read & newspapers, so I relish that...have a great day & evening. [first photo via myvintagevogue; second, Gordon Parks, from Raisin in the Sun, 1959 via LIFE archives ]


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Party Dress

Go, and never darken my towels again. Groucho Marx

I can't help it (about silly Marx business, etc, it's a sickness.) Housekeeping, blog & home.

1) I want to move on from the somberness of the Taj Mahal post & take comments again; 2) this photograph reminds me of someone, ahem, being all dressed up for a fabulous time with real friends (not the air-kiss, embassy kind) & being told once again (by the same guy)...something has come up...somewhere-else-in-the-world-more-important-than-you-will-ever-be. For the 1,000th time This tulle-clad person usually never complained about dashed plans, but will admit to sliding down a wall onto a slightly dirty kitchen floor in a big floofy dress in disappointment.. For about an hour. Not in front of anyone, though. Ever. (OK, two cats.)

and 3) Most Important...

...Jessica aka myvintagevogue has (or will by July's end) closed her flickr account for good. They've given her no end of trouble & I don't know how she stood it as long as she did. Her tumblr blog is in the right sidebar.. I'll add her Blogger site & her website once I get the categories all straightened out. I've been replacing links as time permits from her flickr sets to her website and/or tumblr blog. MEANWHILE, please visit Jessica at the gorgeous myvintagevogue website.

And now, I have spent over an hour looking for the photograph attribution. Because I did not include it in the title when I downloaded it ages ago. Rats. Double rats. I'll find it tomorrow--while I'm waiting for the carpet cleaning fairies to spirit away the hideous-mess-masquerading-as-Persian-rug & return it minus the colonies of criminy-knows-what in the silk/wool. Then I'll become one of those women who make people take off their shoes. I'll just pretend that I'm back, elsewhere...where everyone does that anyway.

Hope your weekends were great.

[Norman Parkinson photograph of Jean Patchett via myvintagevogue]

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Week's End - Taj Mahal, 1921

"....But what did I know of the Empress except this tomb?/
So I pictured her this way:..."*

*from Going to See the Taj Mahal, by Reetika Vazirani, World Hotel, [poem link from Ploughshares]

[The Taj Mahal at Agra, India in the early morning light From London to Australia by Aeroplane by Sir Ross Smith, ''The National Geographic Magazine'', March 1921]

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

August Macke in Tunisia

Surrounded by many framed photographs but realized Macke, Kandinsky, & others (more about which later) from German group of painters (Paul Klee also involved), are all over. Macke's trip to Tunisia in 1914 produced some great work. When I purchased a print of St. Germain bei Tunis, I didn't know much about him except a few paintings in Basel & flipping through art books. A trip to the library will remedy ignorance. These two paintings are favorites (of many people); St. Germain Bei Tunis hangs on wall overlooking my round oak dining table; lately it's partially obscured by a pitcher or two of bright flowers & it looks even better to me.

I can't find a decently-sized image for the famoso St. Germain (that's legal). And I'm not taking mine apart to scan it piece by piece. So for now (& my purposes), here's an image--sharpened beyond the original-- & link to OnLineWall prints & posters. I don't recall this print being so low-priced when I bought it. Hmmm. Better quality (I hope).

St. Germain Bei Tunis, credit; Vue dans une ruelle (View of an alley), credit]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blue Window

Literally. Well, there's more. According to photographer Yannick Vigouroux, it is Window # 1047, Blue Still-Movie, Oct. 2008. Link to From My Window set. Yes, I'm back to blue & windows & French stuff. Sorry. Lots of great blogs in the right sidebar. You can even go put a bid on something over at Made4Aid. I put the link in about three places on the page here & a few over at Giulia Geranium.

Italian bloggers were on strike today (14 July 2009). I wasn't keeping up with news & so can't honestly claim no Bastille Day post as an excuse; that would've been a nifty (Italian) move. No, not Italian but simpatico. Go to Bleeding Espresso blog under writers or wait & I'll see how it went. (Censorship legislation for Italian internet, etc.) I'm sure if nothing else, it was a fantastic operatic spectacle. That's a compliment. Would that I had been in Piazza Navona today, literally muzzling self along with Italian bloggers. YouTube videos out there but I can't access them with this bleeping machine (soon, soon) & therefore can't screen it for delicate eyes & ears. Irony. Or something like it.

Merci, Yannick...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Les Parisiennes

UPDATE: 14 July 2009. I'm taking my own advice (a rare occurrence) & taking a rest. Everyone had such terrific Bastille Day posts; I tip my straw boater to all of you. Over & out at 4:18pm EDT. See you tomorrow (perhaps in the evening...I feel like breaking my own rules. It's a good thing.:) As Marjorie (see below) would say, Salut!

Many of you have seen (or perhaps own) this book,
Les Parisiennes. [Here is the bookstore where I'm a member. Even though I do use amazon for some things, I can't bring myself to put that link in today.] This was on & off my wish list since publication.

After reading
My Inner French Girl's excellent review last week, it's back on the list. I share Marjorie's annoyance at the reduction of French-women-to-their-accessories (by so many bloggers, as well as 'regular' personnes.). If you're not familiar with her MIFG, please do read at least this post. I think you'll choose to read her regularly.

Hazel of The Clever Pup has a post about Kiki de Montparnasse & I highly recommend you read it, too. I don't have to read it to know it's good (yes, I will read it, don't be so picky!). Mme Pup knows this subject inside out.

However busy, tomorrow I will pop into my beloved Phillips Collection before swimming (I simply could not go sporting the drowned rat look...& on Bastille Day yet!) & pay respects to French painters. I renewed my membership & I'm thrilled about it. Nothing bad can happen (to you) in the Phillips. It's not allowed. That's my line since undergraduate days & I'm sticking to it.

A funny sight: Julie the Cat looks like she's reading today's New York Times front page story on Sarah P. (See Maureen Dowd's hilarious faux-tweet conversation between John McC. & Sarah P. in yesterday's (Sunday, 12 July 2009) paper. Laughed & laughed.)

ciao & I'll be back later for a colorful photo or image to balance things out.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Week's End - Zizi in Black & White

Do you know Renée Jeanmaire aka Zizi? What a life.

Since I'm going off to live mine & help a friend hand-write wedding invitations (packing a Waterman) tomorrow, there's no time right now. She was classically trained but also put her pointed toe into music halls & piped up to sing. She was decidedly not a typical ballerina. Famous for her Carmen, she worked with Roland Petit (& married him).There are many gorgeous photographs of her on artnet & everywhere I look. But they are copyright protected. These are from LIFE archives & the credits are below. I know the top one isn't a great print, but I like it. Maybe it's silly but I miss YSL.


[Dancer Renee (Zizi) Jeanmaire (L) embracing Yves Saint Laurent at fashion show, Paul Schutzer, 1962; Dancer Renee (Zizi) Jeanmaire performing in the ballet "Carmen." Gordon Parks, October 1949. Both in Paris, France.]

On the way home, 16th Street Line

Just another day with-guns-on-display & play in Washington, DC. I love the 16th Street line. You see a lot--sometimes too much. I worry about all those children, elderly folks, pregnant ladies, I worry about everything. I see an email has just arrived from the White House email blast re: the H1N1.

E-mail late Wednesday evening to [most-excellent friend]. Just so Metro does not sue me, this has nothing to do with buses, the Red Line accident, etc. Sigh. Gina L. here has been locked out of her house by the cat-who-hid-the-keys. Even though she looks great in her bathing suit, come on gatto, knock it off & point-a-paw. [it's a scan from Hollywood Cats, link here to previous post until I can get independent bookstore link.] The shot is by genius Philippe Halsman. I still have the pamphlet from the Portrait Gallery's 1998 Philippe Galsman Retrospective exhibit. Here's a Magnum link to him. But he's so cool. He's the one who asked people to Jump! & they did.

Note: No, I haven't gone nuts. This long numbered thingy will only be up for a day or so & then pared down.:)

UPDATE: Sunday, 12 July 2009: I assure everyone that I am fine. But so busy (in a good way), that I cannot edit/rewrite below in a way that satisfies (even low standards) until late in the upcoming week. So I leave my mess out in the open. It's nothing I wouldn't say again. It really is an email I sent to a friend. I'll continue with pix-I-like & limit my sarcastic remarks to a few lines or so. I promise.

UPDATE: Wednesday, 21 July 2009. Took out tons & rewriting. Another day.


1. Julie hid my keys today & I couldn't find for hour. Late getting down to [deleted].

2. Great time talking to [deleted]. I am happy....Security has been massively upgraded from already-very-good. Relieved after HM shooting. Hang out with [deleted] about an hour & then head home for many errands.

3. Bus out front arrives in 5 minutes!

7. Someone insults someone (outside of bus) & manhood is apparently in question. Cellphones pulled out, backup dudes arrive quickly.

8. To prove that he is a wuss, guy pulls gun & starts to shoot. I think, here we go...*

9. Tell about-to-panic people, 'don't panic, scoot down, & don't worry because..."It's low-caliber. Not much of a shot unless it's direct..."

10. Strangely, it calms people. Disturbed at my coldness & choice of words.

14. ...Life is never dull as a full-time pedestrian.

17. Walking home, so tired.....there's a man in wheelchair in the road. People walking by, driving by. In the ROAD.

18. ...Doesn't want help. Too bad. He's trying to get hit. Perfectly obvious. Passerby who is preggers helps push him onto sidewalk. Neither concerned woman or self is surprised that people pass by. I recognize one as newish neighbor who has a 'we love everyone' welcome mat. He avoided my eyes. I'll think of that every morning when I dash down for the newspapers. Past his cute little mat. I'll spare you rest.

23. I thought of your maybe-wedding dress at Nordstrom. And the invitations. What did the printer say? Is the dress as great as it looks?

I shall gain wisdom from chocolate & DVD. And I'm back on the 16th Street line every swim & save my life. Ha.

ciao bella!

*just realized I have (succinct) poem about being on bus in Jerusalem & something similar. Will find...published somewhere. I really don't remember.Forgot all about it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pas de chat*

Guess which one I was today? Out & about all over Washington, knocking things over, upending a display at Utrecht Art Supplies. Turning around to catch something & knocking over whatever was on the other side . At the optometrist's I dropped all my bags & picked up my (big) purse the wrong way & dumped everything out onto the floor. In front of a lot of people. I did something at Macy's but I'm blocking it out. Stacks of pajamas or underthings involved. I left a wake of nonsense behind me & thought of Neil Young's Hurricane, & dancing ballerina-hippos.

I did laugh though...trouble is, I don't think anyone could tell I was thinking of a dancing hippo. I just realized it's good I didn't mention it; maybe they would think I claimed to see a dancing hippo. I just might as well go back to my coppery curls.

I shall spend the rest of the evening gracefully balancing a book on my head & channeling Sylvie Guillem. (I would include her link but it's crashed. Ha, her website fell over.) *'step of the cat' - a jump - there's a famous dance of four cygnets in Swan Lake, sixteen pas de


[Lucy at the barre, LIFE archives; lovely ballerina & her swain,
Tamara Toumanova & Serge Lifar, Swan Lake, Sydney, 1939-1940 / photographed by Max Dupain/State Library of New South Wales collection which I adore.]

Monday, July 6, 2009

Frames of Rome

Day full of misplaced papers & yelling people (not me)...just oh, man. But thinking of Roman Holiday & Giampaolo's shot from Roma--huge help. GM calls this 'Frames of Rome' & so will I. The large format is here, he's really worth the trip to flickr, especially if you're a painter or a lover of color (or Rome)...[Frames of Rome/Giampalo Macorig]

buona notte


I've been thinking about Sicily a lot lately. Some people have seen a version of this in the GG blog (some pix are different). Here's the post in Giulia Geranium. By the way, the reason I'm not soliciting comments by asking questions is because it seems an imposition. I don't know why because I don't feel that way about other blogs. Perhaps someone can explain it to me. At a loss.

Last night I rewatched Roman Holiday...all cleaned, restored, & impeccably groomed. But of course:) Many new pix of Rome are also cheering me up...& those will be later today & during the week. ciao belle...

[Malèna credits; Alone in the Sea & Alone with the Sea by Giampaolo Macorig; LIFE archive, uncredited Sicilian scene]

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tennis, anyone?

I love it. I grew up with it. I collected Bjorn Borg covers & clippings. Went to every exhibition match possible; it must have been amusing to adults. My mother was a brilliant amateur player. Very upset & downhearted that I missed Federer's magnificent win. Watched the Guardian online tweet-updates, for hours, sitting at my desk--that's how much I love it & RF (no disrespect to Andy).

Also, reading about the Woman Who Cracked My Tooth. I'd love to say good riddance but I fear that she's merely regrouping. (I certainly hope nothing is wrong with anyone's health, etc. Just to be clear. I'm not a mean person. Just stay in Alaska & drive them nuts, will ya?) Hazel at The Clever Pup has a funny Whazzup Sarah! post & many people were commenting on it today, here.

[ LIFE archives/Wimbledon file/lady in pink is by Albert Lynch in 1893/second is at Wimbledon itself/not attributed]

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Vintage Fourth of July from DC

After so many years in DC, I've a cache of personal & professional-photographers-who-are/were-uh-friends Fourth of July fireworks pix. Where are they? I do not know. (I'm in the midst of tearing up the apartment, shredding, tossing, cleaning, etc.) I hereby vow to find photographs for Christmas in the next few weeks so I won't be caught up short then, too.

Fortunately, Jessica at myvintagevogue has two great vintage shots. The photograph above is by Robert Kahan , Glamour magazine, 1942. Jessica included, as will I, the Condé Nast Store website link.

(The other one,'s spectacularly Graeco-Roman-goddess-as-American symbol. My ancient history & architecture professor would be in heaven. Sadly, he is in heaven for real. And he would've enjoyed that cheeky comment, so no booing, please.)

The little red shot is a pathetic one of mine excavated from the desk drawer, undated. The collage & other shot are by ohad* on flickr commons (from 2006). Don't know where or if I'll see any fireworks tonight. All is in flux. I do wish friends who live at 13th & U with a rooftop were in town this year. A great place to have a drink, kibbitz, ooh & ahh, & then three floors down to the apartment. Just like that. Yesterday out & about on the Mall at the Smithsonian's annual Folk Life Festival, fabulous as usual. A friend & I had a lot of fun & catching up to do but ...just thinking about getting back on the Red Line to the Mall--which is not far--lacks appeal. For a fireworks fanatic (me), that's saying something.

Signing off with a cheery, Sparklers Forever!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Week's End - Summer Sparklers

Fourth of July Eve pix-into-collage. Though I have approximately 1 million (I counted) photos of various Fourths (including in France & Italy, explanation forthcoming), no time to organize them & scan. I dearly wish I could be a girl on the beach with sparklers this year.

More tonight or tomorrow. Perhaps with a bit of coherence, even? Maybe.

[Girl on the beach by Peter Stackpole, LIFE Archives; remaining by John Dominis for LIFE' girl in converse sneaks by D Sharon Pruitt/Creative Commons flickr set ]

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sicilian Sunbrella

The stripes & umbrellas continue...this time from Giampaolo Macorig's Water & Sky flickr set. I've used a lot of his shots on the Giulia Geranium blog. He's a terrific & generous guy with a painterly eye & imagination. He lives in Rome now, but lived in Palermo (where this was shot) for some years.

Back tomorrow with Fourth of July & other summery stuff. Right now, I'd like to be in off to make some Sicilian food. That's as close as it gets tonight. (Oh, & with an Andrea Camilleri mystery.) ciao, belle.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cat in the Rain

Back from successful crossing of many streets. After watching Z last night (Netflix Fairy), I just couldn't help but be wary of errant vehicles. If you know not of what I speak, rent it. Please. (And after the giggling about late 1960s fashion stuff, the 'hey, where are the women?' thing,'ll think, more seriously about it. Plus, what great faces in that film.) [[Note: I can't find the photo/image I want to go with a favorite Hemingway story & it's annoying me. So that's the why of this title.]

Weather report: Storm, rain, possible hail & all kinds of mess later. I didn't believe it last night & returned to rain inside the apartment & a damp Julie the Cat. So umbrellas, shades of gray, stripes (les rayures), bridges, reflections, etc.

I have not been able to do a real post on Jessica at myvintagevogue. Not one that would do her justice. So I'll let her speak for herself (below) & catch up to her apres le deluge. Jessica does a great job & sources, sources, sources. Her sites are below & her tumblr blog is in my right sidebar. As I've remarked before, usually at the top (to the unitiated, that means 'recency'); she is one busy lady. I hope that you will pay her a visit on one of her sites. Her collections have been essential for memory re-collection--priceless, in fact. [Direct link to photograph above.] Update: I'm trying to format this type properly; Blogger is driving me crazy. And storms have commenced...

From Jessica's flickr account:

"Welcome to my time machine - I like to think of myself as a curator or historian. The fashion photos are from 1920 through 1965. The lovely ladies of the silver screen were themselves’ style icons and so must be included in a page representing fashion from those years. I hope you enjoy and tell a friend.

Thank you all so much for all your kind word regarding this collection and for making this such a great experience for me.

Disclaimer: All photos unless otherwise indicated are not taken or owned by me. They are used solely for the purpose of discussion, education and inspiration. These images are not intended for any commercial purpose."

Crossing the Street

Paris, rue de Rivoli, 30 juin 2009 by Yannick Vigouroux

I'll add to this later. But it's already July? Yes, everywhere on Earth. Patterns, unfortunate: my shriek of surprise when it's a new hour, a new day, a new month.

Crossing the street is something I do several times a day & almost always it is fraught with danger most would associate with life in....well, elsewhere. I adhere strictly to proper ped behavior--89% of drivers at the closest intersections in my neighborhood do not. (Yes, I stand out there & conduct surveys.) Family & friends have been instructed time & again: you know that I always follow the rules. Therefore, sue like there's no tomorrow if I get hit by a car & I can't do so myself. Then have huge party. Or something. This is a way of steeling myself to once again, go out there.

And yes, I'm running behind on both blogs. And everything else.

This photograph is with kind permission of Yannick Vigouroux (in Paris); an all-round terrific guy who is now taking photos with his phone & playing around with distortion & so on. It was perfect for today. Plus I love stripes, les rayures & it would be oh-so predictable of me to post gorgeous photos of those patterns in clothing, interiors. Not that I won't revert to predictability any time now.

Happy Canada Day to my friends up north. Had a devil of a time procuring meaningful-ish photographs for your day (in time). Unless I scan a red maple leaf (on a board to my right) & post that, I can do little honor you today. I have low standards at times, I know, but that would be truly disgraceful.

[Thanks to cher Yannick as always, go here for his varied flickr sets]