Friday, August 8, 2008

Je suis une bricoleuse

Update: 5 August 2010. Oh hello, wee self above. And you who are reading this...Yes, I'm working on it & separate pages. I promise. But you see, things have changed. Now, a medical mystery intervenes. Between weird & tiresome medical tests, I really will write something more. xo

Very little is ever "finished." The reason for being and/or use of an object is not fixed, in my mind anyway; I don't like limits. This unfinished oil hangs in my bedroom; it's me as a four-year old. Honoring my long-time aesthetic 'use what you have/find as art,' a friend framed it at his Washington, DC studio.(many years ago) He used a formal, rather grand wood for the canvas--though unfinished & of no artistic value. Sitting for the painting was of great value to a young girl who did not feel very important at all. Choosing & gathering the flowers for the bouquet in the painting remains a delightful memory. (Flowers are serious business!) I do not recall why the painting was not finished. It doesn't matter to me now, if it ever did. I prefer it this way.

This blog is not ready to go "live," for sure. I lack a working camera & have only frustrating dial-up (yes...a long story). Having spent over a year looking at other blogs, especially ones dealing with design, gardening, & art, this feels ridiculous. I thought a blog "kept" by my cat would help me learn & be ready for DSL. It's mid-September & DSL has not arrived, much less a camera.

A birthday approaches & so I will go ahead with a few posts, adding some widgets, burning some feed. Subsequent posts will not be this long. I have yet to write a little 'bricolage manifesto.' Still, I'm going to lighten up on myself: things aren't great, work is overwhelming & severely underpaid (but very important to those involved). I deserve a little fun & more latitude than I have set for Giulia Geranium. So anyone who reads this, I hope you'll bear with me. I have something to say. Oh, & though bricolage is this blog's title, I love looking at new things & hope to acquire some of it someday. Hence, the beautiful blogs, links, & sites mentioned here. Someday, I'll find out how to edit this site without GG's stuff showing up. Today, it just isn't that important.