Friday, October 26, 2012

Between Times

I apologize for the lack of communication here & elsewhere. I have become disenchanted (of late) with cryptic messages, wordplay & related subjects; this is not so good for a writer, especially for a poet (on several deadlines yet). In "real life" however, certain literary techniques can be maddening & even heartbreaking. I'm definitely not being coy; there's no earthshaking news to relay here. Not now. 

Between times that I am here or with you on Twitter or Facebook or Gchat or Skype, know that I carry your heart with me. Always. (It also seems that I have become a saccharine, lachrymose mess. I want to delete the above & say "look, shiny object!" but I won't. For once.) I regret that I cannot take comments these last months; I will think on doing so again in the new year - if I continue.

Lately, I have been: this over & over & over...

... campaigning. Which is really difficult for a shy person but I feel strongly, desperately even. 

... braiding my hair again.

...thinking so much of France, especially Strasbourg. I want to run away.

...thinking of many people but especially today I am thinking of Emily,  her father's shocking sudden death this summer & a promise kept - a trip to Venice. Read on.

(Between Times by Melanie Rodriguez; her entire portfolio, here)