Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birthday Lily

Happy birthday to my sister, Beth. Talk about quick & dirty. The second photo doesn't do her justice, certainly. But I can easily change that when I ask her for permission to use something more, uh, recent. [Update a year later: she likes this photograph.] Her favorite flower is the iris. However, lilies are blooming, I like this photograph by George Brett (see below), & Beth has a pair of twins, among six children (!), & one is named Lily. So there you go. Now, I better go call Beth. She's off to Japan in August to visit another (grown) child in Tokyo & I don't have the dates. Oh, wow, I wish I could go with her. But very glad she's able to make the trip.

Happy Birthday, Beth! xoxoxoxo

[Lily by George Brett, wonderful Washington, DC-area photographer via flickr. Here's the link. Shots from all over the metropolitan area]