Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cat in the Rain

Back from successful crossing of many streets. After watching Z last night (Netflix Fairy), I just couldn't help but be wary of errant vehicles. If you know not of what I speak, rent it. Please. (And after the giggling about late 1960s fashion stuff, the 'hey, where are the women?' thing,'ll think, more seriously about it. Plus, what great faces in that film.) [[Note: I can't find the photo/image I want to go with a favorite Hemingway story & it's annoying me. So that's the why of this title.]

Weather report: Storm, rain, possible hail & all kinds of mess later. I didn't believe it last night & returned to rain inside the apartment & a damp Julie the Cat. So umbrellas, shades of gray, stripes (les rayures), bridges, reflections, etc.

I have not been able to do a real post on Jessica at myvintagevogue. Not one that would do her justice. So I'll let her speak for herself (below) & catch up to her apres le deluge. Jessica does a great job & sources, sources, sources. Her sites are below & her tumblr blog is in my right sidebar. As I've remarked before, usually at the top (to the unitiated, that means 'recency'); she is one busy lady. I hope that you will pay her a visit on one of her sites. Her collections have been essential for memory re-collection--priceless, in fact. [Direct link to photograph above.] Update: I'm trying to format this type properly; Blogger is driving me crazy. And storms have commenced...

From Jessica's flickr account:

"Welcome to my time machine - I like to think of myself as a curator or historian. The fashion photos are from 1920 through 1965. The lovely ladies of the silver screen were themselves’ style icons and so must be included in a page representing fashion from those years. I hope you enjoy and tell a friend.

Thank you all so much for all your kind word regarding this collection and for making this such a great experience for me.

Disclaimer: All photos unless otherwise indicated are not taken or owned by me. They are used solely for the purpose of discussion, education and inspiration. These images are not intended for any commercial purpose."


myvintagevogue. said...

I came accross you blog today and am now following it. Thanks for the high praise and for your feedback about my vintage collection it's always nice to know it inspires other.

best wishes

Jessica aka myvintagevogue

Anna said...

Hello again. I'm so happy to come by and visit after all these weeks. Life has been hectic.

I just joined Netflix so I will look up your recommendation. I'm in love with vintage fashion, so I'll check out the blog / website you recommend here, too! Happy 4th ;)

Tina Tarnoff said...

myvintagevogue is one of my favorite places to visit! I've been so busy lately that I've managed to completely fal behind on all of my blog friends. which is good, busy is good. It was quite hhectic for a while, but we managed to sort things out ok. I'm working on a commission that has to be done by monday, so it's a working weekend for me. hope you're well, will write as soon as I manage to find some time. I really need to find some time! xoxo

Susan said...

Anna, good to hear from you & I think you'll love both the movie & Jessica's sites. She's got a few--all excellent & interconnected.

Talented Tina Tarnoff--I've missed you but am delighted to hear that you're busy. Anyone who reads this, Tina is a fantastic artiste & you'll find her through her Thought Pattern blog to the right sidebar. She's also on etsy & I'll post that soon.

Jessica--I'm so glad you visited. I've been remiss in contacting you for a little chat re: what's up, what's happening. Everyone who goes to your site(s) are blown away by the breadth & depth of the collection. Will be over to see you after the holiday weekend. Thank you so, so much.

ciao all.

myvintagevogue. said...

Hi there - just a little heads up no more flickr as of the end of July the collection will be blog or website only. I did start a blog here @ blogspot

hope all is well with you - best
Jessica - myvintagevogue

myvintagevogue. said...

myvintagevogue is @ blogspot now

Susan said...

Thanks Jessica. You read my mind. I've made a list of posts to update & subscribed to your blogger bloggie blog thing...(do you sleep???!) & will be in touch if you see this. I'll make sure to do all updates by 17th...I think that's what you said on flickr. That it was curtains by that date...don't blame you at all. You know I'm fuming over how they've treated you.


Susan said...

...and now I see it's by end of July. I hope so. Things are crazy here. Will still shoot for weekend...xo