Monday, July 13, 2009

Les Parisiennes

UPDATE: 14 July 2009. I'm taking my own advice (a rare occurrence) & taking a rest. Everyone had such terrific Bastille Day posts; I tip my straw boater to all of you. Over & out at 4:18pm EDT. See you tomorrow (perhaps in the evening...I feel like breaking my own rules. It's a good thing.:) As Marjorie (see below) would say, Salut!

Many of you have seen (or perhaps own) this book,
Les Parisiennes. [Here is the bookstore where I'm a member. Even though I do use amazon for some things, I can't bring myself to put that link in today.] This was on & off my wish list since publication.

After reading
My Inner French Girl's excellent review last week, it's back on the list. I share Marjorie's annoyance at the reduction of French-women-to-their-accessories (by so many bloggers, as well as 'regular' personnes.). If you're not familiar with her MIFG, please do read at least this post. I think you'll choose to read her regularly.

Hazel of The Clever Pup has a post about Kiki de Montparnasse & I highly recommend you read it, too. I don't have to read it to know it's good (yes, I will read it, don't be so picky!). Mme Pup knows this subject inside out.

However busy, tomorrow I will pop into my beloved Phillips Collection before swimming (I simply could not go sporting the drowned rat look...& on Bastille Day yet!) & pay respects to French painters. I renewed my membership & I'm thrilled about it. Nothing bad can happen (to you) in the Phillips. It's not allowed. That's my line since undergraduate days & I'm sticking to it.

A funny sight: Julie the Cat looks like she's reading today's New York Times front page story on Sarah P. (See Maureen Dowd's hilarious faux-tweet conversation between John McC. & Sarah P. in yesterday's (Sunday, 12 July 2009) paper. Laughed & laughed.)

ciao & I'll be back later for a colorful photo or image to balance things out.


My Inner French Girl said...

Merci for the mention, Susan! I am sooooo envious of you that you live in D.C. It's one of my all-time fave cities, if only for its vast array of cultural offerings.

Although I'll be the first to admit that the North Texas area is slowly but surely getting more culturally aware. I'm impressed that despite the recession, we're not succumbing to the temptation to eliminate too many cultural events from the calendar. Yet.


Susan said...

No thank you, Marjorie! See you over in gmail.


corine said...

So hard to comment when you're having fun. No smite, dear as I am here, and near. I'm the only French woman not doing a 'prise de la bastille' day. I'll be in france in a few weeks, I hope they forgive me.

have a great summer.