Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crossing the Street

Paris, rue de Rivoli, 30 juin 2009 by Yannick Vigouroux

I'll add to this later. But it's already July? Yes, everywhere on Earth. Patterns, unfortunate: my shriek of surprise when it's a new hour, a new day, a new month.

Crossing the street is something I do several times a day & almost always it is fraught with danger most would associate with life in....well, elsewhere. I adhere strictly to proper ped behavior--89% of drivers at the closest intersections in my neighborhood do not. (Yes, I stand out there & conduct surveys.) Family & friends have been instructed time & again: you know that I always follow the rules. Therefore, sue like there's no tomorrow if I get hit by a car & I can't do so myself. Then have huge party. Or something. This is a way of steeling myself to once again, go out there.

And yes, I'm running behind on both blogs. And everything else.

This photograph is with kind permission of Yannick Vigouroux (in Paris); an all-round terrific guy who is now taking photos with his phone & playing around with distortion & so on. It was perfect for today. Plus I love stripes, les rayures & it would be oh-so predictable of me to post gorgeous photos of those patterns in clothing, interiors. Not that I won't revert to predictability any time now.

Happy Canada Day to my friends up north. Had a devil of a time procuring meaningful-ish photographs for your day (in time). Unless I scan a red maple leaf (on a board to my right) & post that, I can do little honor you today. I have low standards at times, I know, but that would be truly disgraceful.

[Thanks to cher Yannick as always, go here for his varied flickr sets]