Wednesday, July 15, 2009

August Macke in Tunisia

Surrounded by many framed photographs but realized Macke, Kandinsky, & others (more about which later) from German group of painters (Paul Klee also involved), are all over. Macke's trip to Tunisia in 1914 produced some great work. When I purchased a print of St. Germain bei Tunis, I didn't know much about him except a few paintings in Basel & flipping through art books. A trip to the library will remedy ignorance. These two paintings are favorites (of many people); St. Germain Bei Tunis hangs on wall overlooking my round oak dining table; lately it's partially obscured by a pitcher or two of bright flowers & it looks even better to me.

I can't find a decently-sized image for the famoso St. Germain (that's legal). And I'm not taking mine apart to scan it piece by piece. So for now (& my purposes), here's an image--sharpened beyond the original-- & link to OnLineWall prints & posters. I don't recall this print being so low-priced when I bought it. Hmmm. Better quality (I hope).

St. Germain Bei Tunis, credit; Vue dans une ruelle (View of an alley), credit]


The Clever Pup said...

Guten Tag, mein freundin.

The husband pup likes August Macke quite a bit.

I did a bit about the Blaue Reiters before you started following me.

It's called the Blue Rider in the Yellow House.

Thanks for your concern about my mum. I'm home for a few days. My brother and son are giving her some TLC right now.

Talk soon


Susan said...

Hazel, thanks. I thought I'd gone through all the painting stuff on TCPup...Will be over to read it soon. And link...thanks.

Tina Tarnoff said...

I love German Expressionism, Der Blaue Riter movement - Kandinsky and Marc one of my favorites, but I do prefer the movement Die Brücke, which was a decade earlier and haused the artists such as Kirchner (my favorte) and Nolde. I saw a fantastic Brücke exhibit in Vienna in the 90s, that's ehen I fell in lvoe with the art of the tortured Kirchner.

I've been meaning to write but simply don't know where my head is lately, will do soon. So hope you're back in the saddle! :) xoxox

Anonymous said...

i have a friend who had a macke hanging in her place when we were both still students in göttingen, so this brought back pleasant memories. me, i prefer gustav klimt, but i'm just decadent like that...

lettuce said...

oh lovely paintings
gorgeous warm light