Friday, July 31, 2009

Week's End - On Caving

As in 'caving in.' Whether it is to a friend, family member, annoying fellow Metro rider, or a cat. Yes, a cat. Because if I don't, there will be...trouble. Or more of it. Now, I realize I've only an ad hoc policy on caving & must think about it. Some more. OK, then punt. Then recess. That's how things are done here in DC. (Craven: adj. cowardly, dastardly, pusillanimous, yellow, fearful, timid, timorous, sneaking, base. From Roget's. I'd take out 'yellow.' Such a nice color.)

Apparently, Canadians will enjoy this weekend as the literally titled August Long Weekend. I am uninformed & so will visit some Canadian blogs to find out how much more fun there will be up north. (I suspect much more.)

Back to looking at laptops & now The Cat Pages for une petite rousse. And trying to resist purchase of new book on Albert Camus.

à bientôt

[The literally titled Girl with two cats & a kitten, Sydney, 1931/Sam Hood. Whom I imagine as some dashing photographer. I do not want to be disappointed, so don't tell me the truth because I can't handle the truth. From the State Library of New South Wales archives]


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi There. Great image and don't worry have no idea who Sam Hood is [although I am from Sydney]. I've spent many hours pouring through the State Library archives looking for images of my grandfather who was a Fireman in Sydney and joined around about the same time those cats were being immortalised as 'cats & kitty'. Well hate to make you envious, but I am enjoying a long weekend here also. Bank Holiday. If only the banks would rest every Monday. Have a great weekend. Julie

Susan said...

Thanks, Julie. (The aforementioned cat-who-runs-the-household is named Julie, BTW...) That's fascinating about your grandfather. I hope you 'find him' in the archives. As you know, they are uploading nearly round the clock -- it would seem anyway. I love the photographs...& I am glad that Sam Hood is a mystery to a resident of Sydney. I bet someone is working on a story about him, though. (Maybe you should do it?)

I would absolutely agree to a bank-rest every Monday. Good weekend to you, too. Susan

lettuce said...

oh its a great photo!
I dreamed about kittens last night

Anna said...

Timely kittens! Just read an online piece about the dominance of cats over humans. They are so crafty behind those beautiful eyes. Enjoyable photo. Happy Weekend.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

It is so good to visit with you again. I really am soooo excited about your laptop! Honestly. I always felt so bad about that old computer of yours. You will be in heaven.
Now, I wish I had used your sound of thwap, thwap, thwap. It is so much better. But that is why I write these essays on my blog at times - to improve my writing skills. I just enjoy it so much, and otherwise I would never take the time. I learn something new with each post. Will chat with you soon.

Susan said...

Thanks Lettuce, Anna, & Catherine. I do want to know about this cat dominance article. Will visit Anna soon to find out.

Catherine...use 'thwap, thwap' if you want...I'm surprised that I thought of it. I have to reach for Roget's so often lately that I'm embarrassed. So I feel like a genius at the moment for thinking of it. Ha.