Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blue Window

Literally. Well, there's more. According to photographer Yannick Vigouroux, it is Window # 1047, Blue Still-Movie, Oct. 2008. Link to From My Window set. Yes, I'm back to blue & windows & French stuff. Sorry. Lots of great blogs in the right sidebar. You can even go put a bid on something over at Made4Aid. I put the link in about three places on the page here & a few over at Giulia Geranium.

Italian bloggers were on strike today (14 July 2009). I wasn't keeping up with news & so can't honestly claim no Bastille Day post as an excuse; that would've been a nifty (Italian) move. No, not Italian but simpatico. Go to Bleeding Espresso blog under writers or wait & I'll see how it went. (Censorship legislation for Italian internet, etc.) I'm sure if nothing else, it was a fantastic operatic spectacle. That's a compliment. Would that I had been in Piazza Navona today, literally muzzling self along with Italian bloggers. YouTube videos out there but I can't access them with this bleeping machine (soon, soon) & therefore can't screen it for delicate eyes & ears. Irony. Or something like it.

Merci, Yannick...