Thursday, November 17, 2011

IKEA Soft Toy Aid 2011

Hi. I'm having computer issues & trying to figure it out: frustration & angst & fear. Meanwhile, if you go to IKEA (no matter where you are in the world), please note that this year's soft toy fundraising campaign is on through December 24th. I won't post the adorable video again, but you can watch it here.

On everyone's IKEA country page, there are blogger tools to spread the word. Even if you don't post about it, please consider posting on Facebook &/or tweet about it. Toys for Tots in the States is in major need & IKEA donated to them this year. I've been beating this drum for years: buy one or more & then donate to a toy drive in your town. Done & done. These are cute toys & they're affordable (even for me).

Let me know if you post about it & I will link to you on the Giulia Geranium blog. Thanks!

(photograph via IKEA)


Kate said...

I'm going this weekend. Cute soft toys are now on my IKEA list. I have not seen one mention of it in the press. Shame. Will tweet.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Fabulous Susan.. spreading the word..

I just saw this online the other day.. We have a new Ikea just opened quite close to where I live... so no longer a big drive to get there.. waiting for the opening crowds to subside and will pop over for a visit!!

I remember it was quite a generous donation too.. and thought this would be the perfect gifts to buy to add to the 'charity xmas trees'... double whammy!! Do you have those charity trees there?

Ok.. must check out the homepage again.

Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie