Monday, November 7, 2011

Views from My Desk Chair

Wow, people. I am getting desperate (in the creative department). Here are two views from behind my desk & the chrysanthemums are on it. Julie is lounging nearby (as always). Since the snaps are so limited due to tech, I grunged'em up but good. I tweeted another shot yesterday a.m. & said that though in an urban area, this is indeed from my apt. I lucked out nearly 22 years ago. (I moved in Thanksgiving weekend, 1989.)

If you know Ruth Orkin's photos of an American girl in Italy, you might remember that she took pictures out her New York City apartment windows for 30 years. Another (mainly) from-where-I-live tumblr I enjoy is by Jennifer Ehle. Her photographs of the countryside in & around her home are lovely, some very painterly. She also has a wonderful, cheeky sense of humor. Do take a visit.

Now, I must get some errands done but I hope some of you excellent photographers will let me know if you have some shots from where you sit. And if so, might we see a few? Here's hoping.

I put up the viral video of starlings on the GG blog in case you've not seen it yet.


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

What a gorgeous view. Gosh I miss the colors of autumn. I have the book of Ruth Orkin's view from her window. I used to have a view of Central Park, too. (If I stuck my head out the window.) I could cry. I'm homesick. Boo hoo.
Catherine xo

Giulia said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. We miss you here in the East:)

I have the first Orkin outtamywinder book, too, but just saw today that there's a second.

Oh, I'd love to get together with you in NYC sometime. That would be so so so much fun. I just really do know it. xo

Emily Vanessa said...

You're always so self-critical of your photos Susan and I really love them. Glad to see you still have wonderful colours like we do in Berlin and that the rain hasn't washed them away yet. Ah, Ruth Orkin is just brilliant. I love taking views from the kitchen windows first thing in the morning with the pink tinges and promise to post a couple in my next post. How I wish you, Julie and I could get together.

simon said...

yea, top shots...! :o)

Monica said...

how fabulous to look back on a view over so many years.
i've never been anywhere long enough!

Giulia said...

Emily - thank you for's just so frustrating. I said to Simon on Twitter, imagine if I told (him) that he should be happy w/a tricycle. I look forward to the shots from the kitchen...& Julie & I would love to get together. She is a happy traveler & I can definitely envision us hopping across Europe to visit friends.

Simon - hey there.

Monica - I know! I can never believe it, that I've been here so long. The last place, too, in DC proper was about 14 yrs in a rental house. I like to have a home base, what can I say? ;)

simon said...

re starling Video. I have seen similar behaviour with budgies. They fly almost like bait fish and usually when a bird of prey is about. The video was amazing!

carina said...

Beautiful flowers. Also love the hyacinths over at GG. Will see if I can get some pictures of my view.

diane said...

That IS a lovely view! 27 years in one place, you have me beat at 20. Being able to gaze at nature is such a gift, I think my ravine has added years to my life.

love your hyacinth bulbs, too.