Thursday, May 6, 2010

Outbound Plane

I don't wanna be standin' here/Don't wanna be talkin' here/And I don't really care who's to blame/'Cause if love won't fly on it's own/Free will/It's gonna catch that outbound plane.-Nanci Griffith & Tom Russell

I have to cool things down from last night. Do a search for "oasis" & most of what pops up quickly are those copycat, feuding Gallagher brothers. New-to-me-scanner/printer soon. Meanwhile...I wish I had my own environmentally-selfish plane this afternoon. This is via myvintagevogue, a terrific site. See you later.


Poetikat said...

I'm a big Nanci Griffith and Tom Russell fan and this is one of my favourite songs! I came running when I saw the title.


Giulia said...

Thank you little kitty!