Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tales of the Islander

Got to feel it all/No time for sleep/No time at all...

The paintings of Walter Anderson, especially The Cottage Murals, inspired this beautiful song by Caroline Herring. Caroline gave a stunning performance on A Prairie Home Companion last Saturday night. As she sang, all I could think of was the ongoing BP-Gulf disaster (you'll see why). The David Byrne-directed video is terrific & interspersed with more Anderson images & information about him, a true eccentric & treasure. A huge part of me is relieved that he's not here to see this, it would surely kill him. Update two minutes later--the Gulf disaster; I doubt the video would kill him.

I hope you will visit your favorite music site & download Caroline's music. Here's her website; the songs change two at a time so you can sample them. If you need further recommendation, Julie is a huge fan & cat-gallops to the source upon hearing the opening of Tales of the Islander. (She really does.)

PS: There's some sort of trouble with the YouTube video--I dis-enabled cookies & now it doesn't seem to want to play. Pls click through to the link to Caroline's website. It's really worth it.

[Horn Island by Walter Anderson via Smithsonian American Art Museum; roseate spoonbills in flight by Kerri Oddeni via From the Bay to the Bayou; Caroline Herring by Jeffrey Fasano (on CH website)]


Merisi said...

I am listening right now!
The Gulf Disaster is on my mind.

A Prairie Home Companion used to perform at the place out there in Virginia (I can't believe I can't recall the name - I am losing my mind!) around this time of the year. I never once made it out there. What a shame. I LOVE GK!

Thanks for the Iris comment.
Unfortunately this is not the first time it happened. ;-)

Merisi said...

How do you feel about the portrait with the guitar placed behind the singer?

Giulia said...

Hi Merisi--I just sent you an email. But it's at Wolf Trap's Filene Center. Don't worry...I'm so forgetful lately, it's a wonder I answer to my name:)

Maybe you'll come back to visit & see PHC & GK sometime. It's traditionally (the last many years) on the Saturday night of Memorial Day week-end. They added a Friday night show because Sat. show sells out within a few minutes in February.

It's so much fun & I'm so unhappy that for the first time in a long time, I'll miss it (in person).


Giulia said...

Merisi--I just saw your note about the portrait...I'm unusually dense this evening...can't figure out what you mean. I just watched the video again & clicked up the closeup of Caroline's photograph. I'm clueless. Help.:)