Monday, May 31, 2010

Dream Sleep

Good night from Julie the Grand Poobah's apartment. (Well, why pretend that I'm in control? I was up heating her favorite food at 5am & no, that is not usual.) I'll be off tomorrow doing all sorts of things, worthy & a bit of fun, too. But right now, I'd just like to crawl into this photograph & go to sleep. I'm not complaining, I love my terracotta-colored walls (a collaboration with an artist friend & self). Julie wants a pouf or ottoman to curl up on--so she can be more of a focus. Oh, why not? Many lovely (& some quite cheeky) blogs & sites both here & on Giulia Geranium. Good night, all.

[room interior via
miss wallflower, via we heart it]


Katharine said...

Now there's a bed/sit...

Angie Muresan said...

I'd like to crawl in that corner with a book, as well.