Friday, May 21, 2010

Week's End - Seaside

Oh, I was going to write such cheeky nonsense. But it was very hot today, the ride home on Metro unpleasant. A visit to a large garden, on the tidal Potomac, was lovely. The climbers & shrub roses were stunning; very cottage garden, Gertrude Jekyll-y (everything can be an adjective when one is this tired), unpretentious, clotted cream dense, & blown-out. If I weren't such a good girl, I might have pinched one. People were there for a wedding rehearsal; we didn't go near them as I was afraid I'd yell out: Don't do it!

This morning, I downloaded four ocean-wave-seagull-iTune thingies. I'm off to lie in front of a fan with the feline, fall off thinking of Chincoteague, the Outer Banks, or generous Giampaolo Macorig's Mediterranean
seascape with the long view perspective. I'm trying to attain one of those, as well.

Have a dreamy weekend.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Susan
Love this photo.. just gorgeous.. I think I could fall asleep dreaming of somewhere beautiful with this on my mind.. Mind you.. wouldn't mind the beds below to assist in the dream creations..

Have a lovely weekend.. and a lovely rest fanning yourself and GG.. xxx Julie

PIGNOUF said...


Dsata said...

Great blog !

Angie Muresan said...

You know, there is this huge rose garden in our town and every time we visit, I snap off a couple of roses. I'm so bad. I blame it on my communist upbringing every time I cheat, lie or steal.

Giulia said...

Angie, you crack me up. What is my excuse? I have been known to do (harmless) "deadheading" around some garden beds in my area. Flowers do get leggy & need to be pinched (in that other way) I'm doing a service to...nature. A public servant sort of thing.

Well, I answered my question...