Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lunatic on Bulbs

Well, that's what she said. (Emily Dickinson). I'm preoccupied with gardens, the lack of one, & so on lately/always. Tiger lilies mean something to me (& to Miss D), these illustrations were in a folder, & I finally read this NYTimes article Emily Dickinson's Garden at the New York Botanical Gardens. It's on through 12 June. G'night.

[botanical image via Ray Allen's wildflowergardening.wordpress.com; second image Flora's Feast, a Masque of Flowers by British illustrator Walter Crane; third, guess who?]


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hello little GG!!
What a cutie.. what a show off...

You know I'm a bit obsessed with my lack of garden too.. athough It is just the grass I'm wishing for... blooms would be a bonus.. xx Julie

Giulia said...


We're the opposite--blooms for me, a patch of grass only...but chacun a, etc. Yes, GG is a little show off (although, of course, I egg her on.)