Monday, May 24, 2010

Love & Fury

Here are some no particular order.

From an article in the Telegraph; this latter part cracked me up (which I need because at the moment, growl...):

"... But for many sisters competitiveness and a loving rage is what binds them. In her biography of the writer Rebecca West, Victoria Glendinning tells the story of going to lunch with West and her sister, the surgeon Dr Letitia Fairfield.

It was 1975 and West was in her eighties. Her sister, aged 90, did most of the talking, while West fell into "the well-rehearsed role of recalcitrant younger sister... sighing loudly, casting her eyes up to heaven, looking at a nonexistent watch on her wrist, while her sister's voice winds on".

The sisters boasted and squabbled about their aristocratic connections, "calling each other 'dear' with emphatic frequency". The moment Fairfield left the room, West remarked: "Now you see. She's always been like this. I've had to listen to her all my life."

Which, as sisters don't tend to gush about each other, is really as close as one could get to a declaration of the love and fury that is so often the hallmark of the sibling bond.

[Vanessa Redgrave & Lynn Redgrave; Suzy Parker & Dorian Leigh via LIFE Archives; Catherine Deneuve & Françoise Dorléac via]


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh my!!!!
I can so relate to this one!!! although my sister and I aren't the gorgeous beauties these women are...

Now totally off track.. I used to have my hair the same as that image of Dorian Leigh... think i will borrow this and take it to the hairdresser... hope they can do my face like that too.. hahahah xx Julie

Angie Muresan said...

Hilarious! Well, that's how it is, I suppose, although my sisters and I get along so well, we're best friends.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Since I have two sisters, I can say on authority that this is so true. Such special, loving, and sometimes difficult relationships.

Giulia said...

Julie--you'll look great. Dorian's look is similar to mine, too. It's easy to maintain but I need a bit of lipstick or gloss, bit of polish (I think) or I loook like a particularly weird 10-year-old. With your je ne sais quoi, I'm sure this rule does not apply to you.

Angie--I used to be able to say same thing. Maybe some time again, but I'm not holding my breath. One of the most painful subjects, if I stop joking. It's not easy to be the oldest of four sisters. It's really not about us (the sisters) but about the older family members. And with that I'll shut up.

Catherine--you already know.

Giulia said...

Well, that was just too dumb of me. Not Dorian Leigh...Françoise Dorléac. So Julie, if you see this, I'm correcting my comment. How ridiculous, I know.