Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leonor in Black & White

That is, painter Leonor Fini (1907-1996) born in Argentina, raised in Trieste, & lived in Paris. Her traumatic early life as a pawn of warring parents on different continents couldn't have helped, surely hurt this person. What makes me laugh is that though considered a Surrealist, ah non, she refused the 'honor'. But of course, that didn't annoy the Surrealists. Her personal wild style apparently rivaled only Dali. Now that, might interest some of you. (I'm not a big Wikipedia fan but this page seems fairly good.)

No time, nor energy to write something as The Clever Pup [right sidebar] surely would, but I want to post the photographs before some wild thunderstorm arrives. Here is an excellent summation from the Leonor Fini page on Lenin Imports. The photographs are via the LIFE Archives (John Phillips, 1947) & Museo Revoltella. On that site, there are pages for a Fini exhibit in 2009 . Also an interview (in Italian). The third photograph reminds me of an old Bedouin in North Africa. Not sure if that was what she was going for, but it seems so. But I'm in that desert-frame-of-mind. So.

Oh, yes, Leonor also loved cats but possibly took this too far.


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Sorry that the sharks scared you off. Hope you don't have nightmares. I'm a fan of Leonor Fini. Kisses to the whiskered one...and your little cat too.
Catherine xx

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Susan
Well I will have to follow your link .. Leonor is new to me.. you know I was born the same day as Dali [different year of course!] .. none of the talent.. but explains the pazzo and disjointed thought patterns.. haha xx Julie

Giulia said...

Catherine--you are a lil devil (although impossibly elegant so I guess that doesn't fit:)

Julie--I didn't realize it was Dali's bday on yours (I prefer to think of it that way). You know, from what I know (little), Fini was not considered a player in the sense that the men were. I don't feel qualified to comment on that right now. But I do know what went on in the last century with female writers excluded from the "literary canon." Lord, I sat in on meetings on such--as a student rep. I'm not THAT old. Anyway, I know little about her either but the portraits of her intrigued me.


Poetikat said...

I am normally the first to get off the computer when a storm is imminent, but last week, it was my husband who was dragging me off since I was buried in my ancestor search. (I've lost a bit of the fire now, so that's better.)

I love these photos, SS, but I've never heard of Leonor (I've heard of Poe's, Leonore, mind you.)


Giulia said...

I think I wrote to you Kat, but here it is Sunday & I've no idea. I know/knew very little about Fini but am catching up. I was interested in photographs of her & followed it from there...xo