Thursday, May 13, 2010

Roses in May

I have to live vicariously through a friend redoing a garden (or rescuing it). She didn't know David Austin roses & so I gave her my catalogue which she has devoured.* Just spoke with her & she's chosen a lovely climber, Abraham Darby. It will work here in our annoying climate. These photographs are from the D.A. US 2010 catalogue. Here's the link to order one. Many years ago a British friend introduced me to them...when you had to order from the UK. No longer, yay.

*She's ordered a new catalogue & will give it to me; I need it, along with a decent fan/& or heater, to get to sleep. It's my bedtime book.


Angie Muresan said...

The color combinations in that third photo are so pretty. I'm trying to imagine them in a bedroom. I bet it would look so romantic.

Giulia said...

Wouldn't it though? I'm working on weaving that in against terracotta walls. If I ever get a camera...(same old complaint).

I went to my friend's yesterday (I write this on a Sunday) & we stalked the sun spots in her fairly new home, trying to find good place for her first David Austins...I can't wait for her to receive her catalogue (I'll get that one back)...'cause I miss it. But it is for a good cause.