Monday, May 17, 2010

Top Hat

It's raining, the world is a mess (gee, thanks BP for making it so much worse), but I'm resisting one of my gloomy, moody umbrella photographs. Because of the now-dead-in-the-water "Top Hat" idea to contain the spill in the Gulf, I keep humming the song. From the
Fred & Ginger movie. Which is massively irritating & ruining a re-viewing. Fume.

If you missed SNL's cold opening about LLPOF* BP's list o' let's try-it-maybe-it'll work, you should take a peek. The Dolphins with Mops idea -- it will take some time to find a suitable photograph. I'll stick with the stuff I'm writing off-line. But if I could draw...[photographs via &]

*As in liar, liar + trousers a-lit, smokin', flaming, spontaneously combusting, etc.


Angie Muresan said...

Your wit is fabulous, you know?

Giulia said...

You are truly too kind (but I'll take it). Family, friends, & blogging friends will be visiting you after this to ask you to beg me to stop. Pretty sure of it. xo