Saturday, May 1, 2010

Summer Sandals

These are nearly identical to beloved sandals I had for about 18 years. Up & down countless steps & hills, deserts & cities, seashores & villages. Pulling out of a Metro station two days ago, I saw a woman wearing-- my sandals! (Or close.) Where, where? Did you get them? OK, I thought-yelled it. I do not believe they exist in this world--now--for less than $500 dollars. I don't remember where I bought them (a dust storm was kicking up), but they were in a half-smashed cardboard box. I searched for a left & then a right, paid, & left wearing them, running from that storm. So many people asked me about those sandals. They served me well. Until one day, a cobbler said Not even I, Signorina, can mend these. You must say good-bye. I know it is hard. Much history, yes? Only enough to break your heart. The kind that breaks your heart. [photograph by Nina Leen, LIFE Archives]


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Susan
Wonderful sandles.. I do imagine and know how you feel about losing the old ones.. they share so much of your travels and experiences... 'much history .. yes?"

Hope you find new ones... and have a wonderful May Day and weekend.. xx Julie

Merisi said...

Yes, losing a pair of beloved shoes after a long life together is always sad. How we wished we had bought two identical pairs!

You should give yourself a trip to Italy.
There you may still find these beautifully crafted, elegant sandals, in the streets of Florence especially.
Even Bruni Magli shoes are not the same quality in the States anymore, one must travel to Italy to find their best models.

Good luck! :-)

Angie Muresan said...

I do hope you find yourself another pair of those sandals you so loved. I don't believe I've had a pair of shoes last me longer than four years.

Giulia said...

I think I'll have to write about this again & be more fault. But thanks...they were lovely sandals & it's a lovely photograph. Reminds me of climbing steps on a Greek island.

ciao all