Thursday, May 14, 2009

Famous Blue Raincoat

Aha. Never trust a writer, particularly one who is no, not 4am, not NYC. Was thinking about Leonard on tour (here a few days ago in DC...of course I couldn't go) & love triangles & so on. And I wanted to get these shots into the archives, & oh well. Cohen isn't satisfied with the lyrics & I understand why. I don't know anyone who is satisfied with most things they do. Here's a quote to BBC Radio, years ago:

"The trouble with that song is that I've forgotten the actual triangle. Whether it was my own … of course. I always felt that there was an invisible male seducing the woman I was with, now whether this one was incarnate or merely imaginary I don't remember, I've always had the sense that either I've been that figure in relation to another couple or there'd been a figure like that in relation to my marriage. I don't quite remember but I did have this feeling that there was always a third party, sometimes me, sometimes another man, sometimes another woman."

That isn't the 'trouble.' By the time you rework some things, you can forget your name, or would like to, or that was the purpose in the first place (if you admitted it). Also one suspects he's like everyone else: who wants to remember?

Still looking for a site for the still photographer listed in TEP credits (Phil Bray). This is also one of those it's-Egyptian-desert-Cairo-but-really-Tunisia deals. It's difficult to believe that I stood not far from where the top photo was shot, some years earlier; that was some taxi ride. Remain fairly obsessed by it (the desert). What is "fairly" obsessed? I don't know. Will edit. Maybe. [photographs are saturated, cropped, detailed, tinted, & sepia-ed by me. They were a mess on original downloads anyway. I think there's an actual making-of book & I'd love to have it. Maybe. Have to look at it first & then win the lottery.]

Off to ultra-scary dentist appointment...& no doubt people arguing about mustard on the Metro. (Yes, I'm talking about people talking about the President's moutarde choice. Criminy.)

photo credits /Phil Bray]-Update: 28 June 2009. Here is new link to Phil Bray Credits - looking for individual website, still.


Penney said...

What a hunk..such seductive photos and really beautiful..The looks on the faces...
how's the toof fairy?

giulia said...

I know!

re: toof fairy. Do not know whereabouts but zee toof is in stasis at moment. finished with major antibio today & will have reconstruction beg next week. ugh.

afraid i'll never eat anything crunchy again (that's not the problem but afraid to do so...) good weekend if you see this, P.

Anonymous said...

do you realize i saw leonard in concert in strasbourg in 1974? i went with kristin (one of my room mates then) as well as christoph baker.

how did you know that 'famous blue raincoat' is my favorite song of his.

"you treated my woman
to a flake
of your life.
when she came back
she was nobody's


giulia said...

T: I didn't know it was one of your favorites...& I'm trying to figure out how I wasn't at that concert. Wish I'd been there with you guys. Wonder what I was doing. Probably watching the dollar sink so low that I was doing laundry in the sink...sort of like now. Not kidding. Ugh. Glad you stopped by...will meet you over in our email.