Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday afternoon at the movies...

It's damp, cloudy, sort of cool (not'll be too darned hot soon). I needed to update some stuff, people were not exactly charmed by JK Rowling photo (my fault, should've found something, you know, imaginative), & I love this picture. [Photo from LIFE archives/by Francis Miller]

The Man Who Would Be King
arrived...the DVD, not Prince William. Netflix gift membership nearing end...I might have chosen something else if less distracted. Upon arriving home yesterday, after finding out I have a cracked tooth (yes from stress), I was relieved. Vaguely recall seeing it with my mum when I returned from France so long ago. While I know I could be re-peeved by the English colonial business, I can let it go while watching Michael Caine & Sean Connery. Now if I can watch it without cracking up thinking of Craig Ferguson's imitations of both actors, that will be good (Yes, I tape him. Yes, I love him. I am unashamed. At least he goes for it...literary novel, plays, magic tricks, puppets! And he actually mentions Sudan, Zimbabwe, Congo, Burma, etc. in his monologues. Yep.)