Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Henri drawing in the light & dark...

Not much rhyme (or reason) but when has that stopped me? Last night, Gilot's book (see yesterday's post) beckoned. But 'me toof' is feeling uncomfortable, so merely looked at the lovely letters Matisse drew/wrote to Françoise (& Picasso)...adorned with flower/marguerite shapes. Really sweet. I'm going to write one using a similar design (& will credit HM).

Reading The Clever Pup's post yesterday (& today) on Van Gogh, Gaugin, & "The Ear" controversy/mystery keeps me thinking about the friendship & rivalries between & amongst artists (including writers/poets)...If one would have to choose a friend in this group, I would definitely choose Matisse. I'll be overly familiar & call him Henri.

Gilot writes that he was a kind man, even if he liked gossip (the "news" really), she never heard him be nasty. Liked juicy tidbits like anyone--particularly when he was laid up so terribly with his arthritis, I suppose. He was always busy soliciting art works for auctions to help Jewish children survivors & so on. Look at the Giulia Geranium blog even once & you'll know, if I didn't love him before (I did), now I swoon. I forgot that he was so involved. Partly this overly-emotional reaction is because I'm preparing to perish in a sweet-but-still-sadistic dentist's chair tomorrow. Sniff. Posting a photo tonight of Suzy Parker from a Coty ad...for fun. After midnight so technically I won't miss a day of posting. Oh roll your eyes, that's fine! Also I want to do Tina Tarnoff's tag but it will have to be on the weekend. Have a demonstration to attend (am I pest or what?) on Saturday, but Sunday should be free from rabblerousing.

These are from the LIFE archives (where else? I really need a camera). The light drawing is by Gjon Mili, in 1949. Must be from the same trip south to see Françoise & Pablo P. Mili took one or two with Picasso doing same. It's Mili playing with exposures....worse ways to spend some time, eh?

The b&w is by Dmitri Kessel in 1950 in Vence (Matisse is working on drawings for the chapel there. It reminds me of his letter-drawings to Gilot. The chapel & Vence are related to one of my writing projects... I just thought of it. That's why the blood oranges, figs, & photos of Vence from, a month or so ago? Just realized it.)