Sunday, May 17, 2009

On the phone with Paulette...

Actually, this was going to be on the phone with...myself. But I can't find the compilation of pix of 'me on the phone' taken over decades, by family & friends to say (apparently): "See? Susan never shuts up." (Very funny, family & friends. Where are you now with soup, & tea, & all things lovely that I saw in the LIFE archives under 'in bed + sick' ? Huh?) [Paulette Goddard via myvintagevogue/see sidebar for blog link]

Listening to voice mail messages; people not calling the cell phone (as I have only asked five thousand times, this week alone). Grr. Sick, really feel terrible.. In bed (or will be again in a moment) & that's a lot for me. I never do that, no matter what--I lie on the ol' IKEA sofa or something. But pj's, braids, & glasses? Ugh.

For the first time in so long, I actually had something fun to attend on a Monday. At the Center for American Progress. Mark Bittman & José Andrés (yes, the food guys,
José lives in DC)...on Food Matters. (Live-streaming video of event.) I love those guys.

I answered the invite in time (for once). Now I vacillate between calling a human & cancelling so someone can take my place (huge crush of people want to be there) or waiting until last minute tomorrow a.m. I think: everyone else waits or they don't even bloody call or email & I'm worrying? About what? That I'll be thought rude, impolite. Oof.

ciao, bambini
buona notte