Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fragments of Memory, Italy

The English Patient stills are by Phil Brady; from various sources that are less-than-forthcoming. One is here. I'm still searching for Bray & a site for him. [Update: 28 June 2009; here is a Phil Bray Credits site. More as possible, especially if I can find one without irritating music snippets.]The snail shells that Kip made into little flares for Hana to follow reminded me of Venetian Alice Lucchin's photograph of a snail (la chiocciolina), it is much smaller than those in the film, but I like it. More pieces to come but the patterns in Ondaatje's novel...they're very much like a formal poem. Snails have repetitions in their anatomical chambers. Not exactly an original thought, I realize. I'm just trying to work something out here.

I couldn't resist putting in a photograph of a Tuscan landscape by one of my favorites, Giampaolo Macorig. Terrific guy & he concentrates on Rome, the South, & Sicily; but has a few Tuscan photos. Must overcome aversion to posting scenes in the region; it's not Tuscany's fault that it has been reduced to cliché.

I've seen the film only 3 times; twice when released in 1996. I accompanied a legally-blind friend (& poet) to help her "see" it, but she could make out nearly everything on her own; I think I was as excited as she was about the successful outing. She was so happy. The third time was the DVD a few weeks ago. I'm more familiar with the novel. However, the fresco scene brought me to tears in both the novel & film. And I've always said that if anyone gave me the gift of flying past frescoes, in Arezzo or anywhere else, I would marry them on the spot. Whether they wanted to or not - ha.


The Clever Pup said...

The Kip and Hana scene always makes me cry. I can hear the music now. Minghella recreated it perfectly - in my opinion.

Penney said...

What great pix! The torch photo is unreal..
Have a really good day!
it's a "10" here this a.m.! Going to grab my camera soon.

Pille said...

Dear Giulia,

wanted to say thank you so much for popping by in February and congratulating us on the birth of our baby girl. She's doing very well, is already weighing 6 kg. We've named her Nora, and she's a real sweetie :)

giulia said...

Thanks to Mme Pup & Penney. And here's Pille...of the fabulous nami-nami food blog. Thank you!

It's wonderful to hear about little Nora (a great name, indeed). I will be right over to see how things are going & to link back up to nami-nami. It's so good to hear from you!

xo Susan/GG