Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spanish Manners

In a Spanish mood, flamenco chic on GG...& I love this photograph. It reminds me of a friend who grew up mostly in Madrid & Barcelona (though she is American-by-passport). Her father was, uh, a diplomat. (It took a few years to convince her that there were very few opera emergencies in 1960s Saigon, no matter her memories.) I loved her father, too, despite it all. We had shared Graham Greene Syndrome. (Dangerous place? We're there. I'm over it.) Sorry to say, he's been gone for...I don't know. Before September 11, anyway. Otherwise, I'd remember calling him in Barcelona.

I needed major protection for an event once (actually more than once). Sunglasses, a person on either side, & hauteur weren't enough & so out of my friend's Spanish closet came The Very Beautiful Thing. An enormous, black, embroidered antique flamenca's mantilla. I couldn't believe she would allow it out of the apartment. The fringe was on the floor unless I held myself just so. Which was the whole point, just so. I feel a subject coming on...or perhaps re-obsession. Now, though, time to make dinner.

[On another note: is anyone else about ready to storm the radio station where that oaf-toad Limbaugh lurks? I cannot escape him; everywhere, BBC, CBC, all the BCs. Eek. And no, a Latina judge nominee didn't bring on the Spanish stuff. Poking around GG archives did that...reruns due to same old non-health.]

[by Martha Holmes, LIFE archives, what else? ]


Penney said...

What a stunning fan! Woman too..
Thinking bout you ..
Have a good, peaceful weekend!

giulia said...

Thanks Penney...I was beginning to wonder if no one liked Spanish fans, Spanish stories, Spanish dance. ciao

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I love this photo too, Giulia. Do you know who it is? A dancer, or model, or any fabulous Spanish woman at all? They are born with fans in their hands. I thank you so much for your visit.
I haven't yet written about my flamenco days. Some of the memories are joyful, some painful. At some point I will talk more about it. I will add your site to my blog list...I've really enjoyed my browse.
All the best,

giulia said...

Hi Catherine, How nice to see you. I'm still trying to find out about the "Spanish Lady." Some of the LIFE archival photos permitted for non-commercial use inexplicably do not have an attribution or explanation. Others have quite detailed comments. I think it might be explicable: the photographer was the person who reported the details (or not). So I am trying to find out. Thanks for your interest.

I loved my visit to your site & was just there looking at more posts. Now I see that we have Greece in common, too. And I think I've "seen" you over in Oia Santorini? My computer (& the connection) is so slow that it's difficult to do much looking. I'm trying to get into habit of doing so late or early...when the lines won't be so tied up.

Thanks & I'll add you to my lists on both blogs as's taking me a long time to make my way through. Cheers!

(Your anniversary post was delicious, elegant, & very sweet)


Penney said...

I adore Spanish guitar also!! This was so refreshing....