Friday, May 22, 2009

Week's End - Rose à la mode

The 'pink of the mode', i.e. the acme of excellence of fashion, was a common early usage and continued to be used throughout the 19th century, as here from Thackeray, 1840: "In the very pink of the mode."

Two bright pink photos & no reason to use them except I'm tired & they make me happy & it's a holiday weekend here; unofficial start of the summer, etc. [via myvintagevogue]

An Emma Thompson DVD arrived via the Netflix Fairy (one more month). It wasn't well-reviewed, I think, but if Emma's in it, then it's a must-see (as far as I am concerned). And with that....

...have a jazzy bright pink weekend.
ciao, amici


The Clever Pup said...

I remember the top photo.
What Emma Thompson film did you get?

sallymandy said...

Thank you, thank you for the pink post! I just posted about pink today--having recently discovered it's actually my favorite color. It makes me happy, too.


giulia said...

Hi Mme Pup: Last Chance Harvey. Missed at Xmas time but thought: what the heck. I could use a lift. Thinking tho' it'll be more from the DH character's view. Still, it's Emma.

And to Sallymandy...I shall check out your pink post this weekend. I can't decide about one color. As I can't decide about any one favorite anything. It's a problem:)

Blue (the whole spectrum) always attracted me, at once. Even as a young child (my mother & grandmother noticed it & remarked upon it made an impression)...but pink was always attractive, too.

I clearly remember being torn (ha) in a fabric shop between a cornflower blue cotton & a medium-pink cotton...for a summer dress. My little self was so confused about which I wanted. You'd think I was electing a new Pope or something. Always took these things so seriously.
My mother bought a length of both.

I had two umbrellas, my pride. One purple, one deep pink-red, a geranium kind of color, with scalloped edges. (Obviously from a grandparent.) I was trying to work out how these would look with a summer dress. I'm embarrassed that I was so shallow.

I also worried (to an unnatural degree) about starving children & tried to dig my way to China, like so many before me. So I guess I'll give myself a break on childhood sartorial fixation. Even then, my worlds collided.:)

I would never in a million years have asked for two dresses at once; when I got both, then I worried that my father would be angry. I'm so glad that I'm not 7 years old anymore.

Good weekend to you both.