Sunday, May 3, 2009

On the phone with Audrey....

It's dripping rain & I must go out. I am careful, yes, yes. I'll call you back tonight.

What? Honestly? Well, I think, as the kids say, "She's just not that into you." She is married, after all. Good God! What? No, I have a cracked molar & it just went ZING. Yes, stress-induced. Tomorrow. I'm going to the specialist late afternoon.

What else? Oh well, what isn't. GG's first birthday is tomorrow but I need photographs. Well, I thought Hello Kitty as I started the blog that way. You know, my hilarious essay "In defense of...?" Ah, no of course you don't remember. Yes, I finished it but it's not on the blog. Yes, I agree, it's an unpleasant-sounding word, "blog,"

The problem? I've employed so much LIFE archival material of late that LBJ's birthday photos are next. What? No, the other blog. The one you don't look at even though we're long-time friends...yes, that one. Humanitarian concerns, lovely photos, silliness. Uh huh. Method to the madness, as Will said. The cat, that's right. The orange cat. No, not Cat. This is Charade...that was Breakfast at Tiffany's.

[Oh, I do give up. Isn't there anyone in DC who is remotely like Audrey-Cary-Gregory-in-movies? Just in manners? Anyone at all? President Obama? Yes, I do think that's true. Do you really think he's going to look for photographs or help with a job on his BlackBerry? No, I don't think so either.]

Yes. I'll call you back, of course, I will. I always do. You're the one who doesn't. Ciao, darling.


[Audrey on phone via myvintagevogue/website is excellent]

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The Clever Pup said...

"You'll have to speak up Mrs. Lampert"...
Hamilton Bartholomew

giulia said...

I just laughed so hard that there's coffee-on-the-keyboard. No, I'm not blaming you. I knew it would be funny. Should have swallowed first. Oh God. I forget so many snippets of these things...yes, in more way than one I need to speak up.

Eager to hear more about T-L & the book. Off to buy humanely-raise, vegetarian swine parts. Euwww. I just grossed self out. But it's all on sale, hugely marked off...because of the goodness. It's a big treat for GG Central but I do have the other items, hanging about. Something savory to make instead of a crumble -- tho' in my case, I really ought to go for the pun/metaphor & make a fool. I do anyway, eh?

xo svs/gg