Wednesday, May 20, 2009

View from an Italian train

I feel like an Italian baby. Vegetable broth, a few tablespoons of arborio rice (OK, they get rice cereal), & a teaspoon of olive oil. (Start'em early.) So trip to Amalfi with personal photographs interrupted. Here's a view from a train (no specific town noted) by Carlo Bavagnoli in 1970. From a photo-story in LIFE archives titled Eurailpass in Europe (Train Travel). I didn't do the Eurailpass--no time. I was in school. But this does remind me of riding the train back & forth from France to Italy on school holidays. (Taken to friends' homes as I really had no place to go. I can't believe some American kids go back & forth to the States on their schoolbreaks if in Europe for a year or more. Spoiled! And they're missing out, too.)

Will be back for decent post later tonight. I hope. Dreaming about the desert...perhaps due to feverishness. ciao amici.


Penney said...

I wish that more kids would stay put and learn to live in their communities abroad. My older son that was in Korea for those 2.5 yrs. did so well, and couldn't even speak for a long time. He loved his village so much...
We don't need words..It's all in the eyes, and about the souls coming together..How healthy!!!
xo, Penney

Walter Gennari said...

Train are my passion.Railway trips are something special because allows you to fix emotions in your mind. This image is special.