Monday, May 18, 2009

Blue Shutter in Bretagne

Rochefort-en-terre, France, blue door and shutter, red geraniums by Robert in Toronto. [here is the link to the larger format, it's lovely.] Will be "visiting" France, Italy, & elsewhere in the coming weeks via Robert. Seriously beautiful & generous. He has a creative commons license. Bouquets of his favorite flower(s) to him. The photograph of Capucine in green is in Paris but it looks nice with the other; stone, brick, geraniums, summer's not Washington, DC (see below). I can go back to lying down, speak French & Italian to the sleepy orange cat (she can't object to verb tenses), drink mint tea, & escape. Perhaps inability to walk to corner for newspapers will be a good thing.

I tried to be polite & correct three times this morning to cancel my RSVP to an event. You know, so someone else could be admitted easily, without waiting. See in yesterday's post. Too tired. When an imperious (young) twit says "I'm sure they'd figure it out when you don't get here..." you should hang up the phone. Hard. Slam it. No, of course I didn't. Now must decide if this repeat offender should be reported to his supervisor. You know. In case I was someone, uh, important. Geez. This jerk has really bloomed since last summer when he was clueless & rude to about five people (not me, I was watching) in ten minutes at a poetry & politics or political poetry or whatever-the-panel was...I thought: wow, these kids really don't get it. You have to be at least decent to everyone unless they're hitting you or something. I wanted to whack him in the head with my bag but it remains purse-fantasy for now.

Hope everyone else's day goes well. I promise to stop ranting soon.


Tina Tarnoff said...

Oh, please, do keep ranting! I saw myself in this so much and wanted to also pass you my bag, for some double whacking. Thanks for making me laugh:)!

I love how the sophisticated green goes nicely with the rustic stone walls! xoxo

corine said...

Great picture, which made me look. Oh, come on, pretty please. Could you wear a masks and go clubbing that jerk over the head. I could use the release ;-)

giulia said...

Tina T. & Corine...if you see this, I would love to whack this kid (with a purse, a purse...just realized how very Tony Soprano that sounds...). Too weak, alas. Still sick but will check in with both of you asap. Had 5 or 6 emails from wannabe purse-or-rucksack whackers to this guy; they know of whom I speak. So I am not alone....xo svs