Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Just so that I don't miss a day. I know, weird, dumb. Exhausted. I have to be to allow that title to run...

Moans all over DC (& elsewhere) today due to lack of invites to last night's WH poetry/jazz evening. I know a few who were there & they were very surprised to have been invited. I figure four (8! 8!) more years for a chance..though I'm not working it at all. Should I start now? I really don't feel up to it (I mean Washington-workin' it...totally up to going).

Some upset folks are really pretty young & they feel so left out; I do understand & feel sorry. But I wanted to say: how do you think so & so feels? They've toiled this soil for years before you were even born. But that is never a compelling or comforting thought, I know. Hurt feelings, hurt feelings. Everywhere you turn.

Looking for a silly photograph, like the goofy sleep mask photo in 'running on empty' & up pops my friend Henri in bed. (in Nice)..still working. And what do I espy in the slightly too-dark print (by Dmitri Kessel/LIFE archives)? A darling tabby. So of course, it was meant to be. In the notes to the shot, it says that Henri is sculpting a nude female figure. But of course...that scamp. [You can't click on a lot of these photos because I get "feedburner" alerts about the html code; for close-up, go here.]



The Clever Pup said...

I LIKE your title. It's perfect.

And 8, please let it be 8!

giulia said...

Oh, I hear you about 8,Pup. Just exhausted by the idea that we will have to be campaigning soon (sort of are...!).

Came close to cracking another tooth when I read about...oops I took her name off, do not want her name on here...the 'you betcha' gal's multi-million dollar forthcoming memoir. Ugh. Not surprised but amazed that there are people who seriously thinking of this woman being president. Of what?

Julie & I wouldn't let her be president of our mixed-species two-souls ladies' club. Man. If the unthinkable happens & I can't move to Santorini, I hope you & your Canadian friends will welcome us to Toronto...for a looooong stay. (We'll find our own apt., don't worry:)