Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shelter in Black & White

I'd feel better with this armor (& matching hat!). Adore umbrellas & usually in colors. Making do with a tatty, battered one, the color of dried blood, gag, that someone gave me as I left a meeting....six years ago. A twit (I'm being nicer than you can possibly imagine) borrowed a glorious Pucci-esque umbrella that I uncharacteristically purchased (full price). She promptly lost it. Never occurred to her to replace it--even when I screwed up my courage & asked. That's how it can be when other people have money & you don't. It just means "an umbrella" to them. To you? A major splurge. But now I'm fixated on this huge b&w brolly.

It's raining, it's pouring & we're to expect lots more. [by Nina Leen for LIFE, 1958 via myvintagevogue]


Beatriz Kim said...

That's horrible! Some people just don't have any manners!

You're being so nice...not mentioning her name or really going into detail. It's really too bad that she should do that to such a nice person.

I hope you are able to replace the umbrella soon! If I had money, I wouldn't hesitate to send you one today!

I really hope you have a wonderful day today!

giulia said...

Thanks, B. If I mentioned her name, then I'd break the rules, too, of course. But oh was I tempted...alas, things being what they are, one never knows who will be on the hiring end, you know? Ugh. But I really just needed to vent & have someone hear me, so thank you. A lot. I'll try to visit everyone this week. It's so hard because I can't "follow" people. It takes 15 minutes to download blogger template in the a.m. as it is. I'm going to probably have to 'unfollow' some people & I feel bad about it. Anyway. Thanks! xo

The Clever Pup said...

This umbrella bit is exactly like the scene in Howard's End when stupid puffy face Helena Bonham Carter takes the wrong umbrella from the lecture and leaves the unfortunate Leonard Bast without his. She has so many "found" umbrellas she can't count them but Leonard follows her home in the rain because it's his only umbrella and can't afford to lose it.

giulia said... very clever of you to remember. I cannot recall this to save my film or novel. Well, it looks like I should go to your profile, copy the DVDs into my Netflix queue before the subscription runs out.

Actually, at the moment, I was copying down your chocolate cake recipe. I'm serious. I'm also seriously looking for film to make me laugh 'til sick-to-stomach. Have already gone thru usual suspects.

Tina Tarnoff said...

How wonderful, to have your hat match your umbrella. I'm always matching things, and loosing my umbrellas. Therefore can't really justify getting a nice expensive one. Although I would like to! Never lend your prised items to anyone! xoxo