Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Shopping - Sleep in a Persian Garden

It is no secret that I suffer from sleeplessness.

I just removed 700 words of fairly amusing drivel but it needs to be edited. As the tree near my desk is being whipped to a froth, the silvery undersides of the leaves showing, & the prospect of another power outage looms, I shall simply go straight to the shopping bit. The edited drivel will magically show up (in Parts I & II) next week.

In early June I finally tired of washing out a navy silk made-by-enslaved-masses sleep mask & needing it before it dried.
So I went looking for another one & did so much better by visiting Bonnie, mask-maker extraordinaire, of BibBon on etsy. Bonnie has over 100 hundred masks to choose from, including a plain black one (which is important, I think, not just for men but for minimalist moods). I chose the one above, Persian Garden.

The two adjustable straps idea is wonderful & the sewing is sturdy & tightly done. I will never ever ever buy a mass-made sleep mask again. Not only that--it was less expensive than buying that popular navy silk deal in Whole Foods, ULTA, or wherever you found yours. Yes, really.
The version I chose was $12.00 (yes, you read that correctly) + shipping = $US 13.30.

Bonnie will ask your choice of inner linings & guide you to what you want/need. That's it. It arrived quickly, washes beautifully, & I feel more glamorous than I should. If I am able to begin working (for money) again soon (please), I'll climb BibBon's luxury ladder for one of the silks.

Oh & a major side benefit about these masks from my perspective: Julie the Cat cannot budge the thing off my face as she can the other. While she seems to feel this has diminished her quality of morning mischief, I could not be happier (about that, at any rate). Go visit Bonnie at BibBon.

Have a great Sunday/Monday & I'll be back soon (if the power is on). Cheers & here's to a good night's sleep.

PS: Un grand bisou, Phoenix Olivier. Bon anniversaire!

[photographs via BibBon with permission, all rights reserved; Shell Cure for Insomnia via LIFE Archives]


Julie@beingRUBY said...

How beautiful Susan
I know how you feel.. I haven't had 1 good night sleep since I moved. have changed bedrooms to the smaller room away from noisy neighbours and rearranged the bed position about 6 times now.. just finished the last one! Maybe I should head over and check out these.. they are so beautiful and like you say.. good value!!

Sorry to hear of yet another power outage.. Gee i hope they get that sorted soon!!! Can't wait to hear the edits too.. I'm sure they will be worth it!!

Internet feels like working today!! lucky me!! xxx Julie

Mary-Laure said...

It's just too pretty, and the name makes it even more precious.
I too have a lot of trouble sleeping...

Giulia said...

Hi Julie & Mary-Laure--sisters in sleeplessness. Oof.

I know M-L also recently bought a very beautiful sleep mask,I think from Japan. So check her blog AUREA out, too.

It really is hellish, this insomnia business. I wish everyone a good sleep. And to pick up an extra mask at Bonnie's. Many people tell me they just could not wear one. I thought that too some years back. You adjust. xx