Friday, August 27, 2010


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Dear Glenn Beck:

Dude, seriously, get a grip.

I've had my virtual skirts over my head trying to ignore the impending spectacle (tomorrow) at the Lincoln Memorial. I feel like I can say this because you are (negatively) affecting me personally: stay the hell out of my neighborhood. Oh, I can calm down because some Tea Party websites/blogs advise those-of-you-who-come-to-restore our honor (?) to stay out of certain neighborhoods/areas. Mine is one of them. Phew.

Ciao-meow from Susan & Giulia Geranium (la gattina)


To international visitors who are thinking, "Wha?" Good people, this person is a troublemaker, most definitely not of the stylish variety, & is suspicious (or worse) of you, too. You must be un-American 'cause you weren't born here. What might be of interest to non-Americans is what comedian (& neighborhood native) Lewis Black calls Glenn Beck's "Nazi Tourette's."

These nincompoops have the right to be here, of course, but they do not have the right to hijack Martin Luther King's message. If I can, I'll be at another event honoring Dr. King. If I'm too tottery, I'll watch via Twitter & listen to music. Anti-Tea Party folk - do not take the bait. Listen, it's already happening; they want violence, do not give it to them. (Update: I feel I should say, "some people want violence." Not everyone.)

This post obviously can't stand as a week's end, even by my much lower-of-late standards. Something pretty or cheerful over the weekend. tt4n

Update (already): Whaddya know? There's a new blog, Loonypalooza, which is monitoring the weekend's activities. I don't know the blog owner (yet) & must read it before I link to it. But they have posted a link to a Eugene Robinson's Washington Post column today: Even Beck Can't Mar King's Legacy.


Maggie May said...

there is a light and it never goes out... :)

Giulia said...

And so where were you when I needed a better title?! :)

Truth is stranger...I was making an 90s playlist last night (I know, sounds nerdy but...) & this is on it.

Thanks, Miss Maggie

Giulia said...

actually, i think it's from mid-80s. i can't believe i'm typing that & in lower case at that. eek.

secret, fragile skies said...


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Susan
Well I'm not really up on all that is going on... Hope things don't get out of hand..

Hey.. did you hear that our election was a hung vote!! haha.. crazy.. still no decision and that was a week ago... I don't think that has ever happened here before... the balance of power now sit with the independants..

Okey dokey.. have a great weekend.. xxx Julie

Giulia said...

SFS - thanks so much (love your blogs)

Julie--oh it's weird, all right. it seems similar to what happened with UK election, with Libs being gov't making. but. how will this work? not well in UK, I think. Will check in with you via email after I read about indeps. in Australia. xo

aftertheecstasy said...

This has been driving me crazy. I just can't even imagine how Beck and Palin thinks this is remotely appropriate - especially since they've been the rabblerousers against the Islamic Community Center in NYC. So, what this group of Muslims are doing in a gift to the city is inappropriate, but it's "appropriate" to hijack one of the most important dates in African American history as a group that's been known for its racism? Um... yikes.

Glad your neighborhood has been declared "inadvisable". Cheers!

Giulia said...

Dear Ms. Aftertheexctasy,

I'm about to crack a tooth. Seriously, I'm sitting here wearing my nightguard & my knickers are quite in a twiswt.

As someone who has lived in the Middle East, as a survivor of civil conflict violence, & a religion & philosophy undergrad (yes), & friends/related to many people of different faiths & skin color (incl. mixed family)...I'm ready to pop.

Oops.I just lost the thread of my sentence. I'd like to blame the experience of listening to these nitwits, but it's really an "electrical" problem.

Yay for my neighborhood, yes. But wow, I just espied on the screen, our county firefighters playing bagpipes & the big drum with our seal. Must investigate if they're allowed to do that...there's gonna be a s***-storm about this in the old 'hood tonight. (I hope.)


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I missed all of these posts this week. What was I thinking!!!!!!!

Giulia said...

You were thinking that you had a shop to run, that's what. xo

Diane said...

well, this has ignited enough fury in you to get me interested...
had no idea this was going on. I admit to being an ostrich at times.

corine said...

The guy is a nut, but crazier still is that he has more and more followers. Sick to my stomach. Thank goodness for Jon Stewart.