Friday, August 6, 2010

Chomp & Circumstance

Sharks sighted off New Jersey, Florida, Massachusetts and on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Sharks: still angry about sushi.--From The Ten Things to Talk About This Weekend

The above quote is #4 on Henry Alford's New York Times Crib Sheet from yesterday. I laughed out loud on the Metro when I read it. (Click & see whole list.) The only reason people looked at me is because one rarely laughs on the Metro nowadays.

My neighborhood is a bit wacky & this sort of thing is usually posted at Julie's blog, but it's on break. I thought those in other lands might like to see beloved Chompie the Shark. (There's an argument about the spelling of the name. Isn't there an argument about everything, especially in the DC-area? The Discovery Channel blog uses 'Chompie,' hence my on-the-fly editorial decision.)

His Nibs has been in storage for a few years, so on a mid-July walk, I was delighted to see his adorable self floating through the Discovery Channel building for Shark Week. The local festivities are nearly over (shark-shaped chocolates, open-air films, etc.) Walking to the post office on Wednesday, I looked up & thought: he'll be gone soon. Sniff.

A local blog, Thayer Avenue, coined the post title, so props there. The photograph is via Silver Spring Singular (Chompy: The Revenge). Here is the recently-posted winner & runners-up for the Shark Week photo contest (& captions).

And yes, people are much more attuned to the need for shark protection (as in, sharks need it, too). I've seen some outraged commenters shrieking about this...all because we're having a bit of fun. We know, we know.

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