Friday, August 13, 2010

Week's End - Down the Highway

Well, I’m walkin’ down the highway/ With my suitcase in my hand...Dylan

OK, well, I'm not walking down the highway but expecting a ride down one tomorrow. (Though you should have seen me tromping down a highway last night, soaking wet, with a flashlight & fueled by indignation & a bit of fear.) And I'm trying to pack what I'll need/want. We've been without power AGAIN for the last few days. To say enough already is not adequate. Finally finally finally our Governor has had it, our County Executive has had it & who knows who else. I've been on a Campaign of Fury the past few days on the phone & radio stations. It will continue--not here--but at a place where the power rarely goes off & then for really good reasons. Like a hurricane. For Instance.

I've lost the contents of the fridge yet again. Not enough ice in the neighborhood. Until late last night, it was pitch dark, over 100 degrees in my apartment, & nearly as humid. Julie was about to sprout mushrooms from her little red head (for the uninitiated, that's the cat). Meanwhile, thank goodness for a fully-charged iPod (lent indefinitely) filled with hilarious & thought provoking podcasts by Stephen Fry. That darling devil.

Ciao for now. I'll visit everyone on the weekend/early next week as I take little breaks from off-line writing & trouble-making.
PS: As Julie's blog is on break, I cannot emphasize enough - somewhere - that millions of people are literally treading water in Pakistan. More than were affected in the tsunami. If you are so inclined--man, I hope you are--please go to Giulia Geranium for a list of places to help. Thanks. [photograph by Tim Walker]

Update: after posting this, the power went out again for 1.45 hours. (This is for record-keeping).


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh NO Susan
I can't believe it,.. seems they can't manage the power in winter or summer...

I so hope everything returns to normal soon.. but meanwhile glad you have someone to rescue you... Take care xxx Julie

Angie Muresan said...

Just what trouble-making are you up to? Whatever it is, enjoy it!

Giulia said...

Julie--this was a planned housesit but it couldn't come at a better time. I've not left yet. Also bath is being redone while gone. A bit nervous not being here to "supervise" a bit, but...

Angie--the troublemaking is my now-ongoing campaign against the lying theives that are the local power company. So it really isn't trouble-making in that sense as they deserve villagers with torches & pitchforks 'round their hdqtrs. I probably will enjoy it for a bit but really I've more pressing (really pressing) matters at hand & so I resent it, actually. I'll try to enjoy. xx

Diane said...

Enjoy the respite!

Wondering how renos happen without power sources. No power drills, I guess?

Stay cool you hot head!


much affection

lettuce said...

good luck with the trouble-making

Giulia said...

Diane--I know, it's worrying me. That power better stay on. It was when I left Saturday late aft. Here's hoping it's one for Monday ripping-out-of bath.

Letty--Oh, thank you my dear. Looks like many in UK will be needing to make some trouble. I realize that cuts have to be made, but I was going over which budgets were to be cut & always the same thing (here, too). It's never the privileged, is it? Bloody hell, no. Grrrrr.