Friday, August 20, 2010

Week's End - Pip Pip Cheerio

Feeling rather drama-queen tragic. Therefore these Jeeves & Wooster photographs to deflate such idiocy. The second one is on the beach in Cornwall (which is becoming a sub-theme here). Back home tomorrow - I hope to a new bathroom. There are more Jeeves & Wooster DVDs in the mail box, courtesy of the Netflix Fairy. I've been quite entertained the last week by old (but still relevant) podcasts by Stephen Fry (via iTunes). Here's Stephen's website which is great fun. Yes, I follow him on Twitter.

I'll be by to visit people over the next few days & to respond to comments. Moving slowly lately. Toodles.

[Jeeves & Wooster images via tumblrs aplenty, here]


Jen said...

Absolutely loved this Jeeves and Wooster series. Did you catch Stephen Fry on Bones a couple of seasons ago? His character on that was priceless, as well.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Susan
Hope everything is perfect when you get home.. and lovely new bathroom for those bubble baths..

Have a great weekend.. xxx Julie

Giulia said...

Jen--NO. I shriek. I missed it. I've occasionally watched Bones but didn't realize that he'd be on. Only recently have I caught up with his website (incl podcasts, etc) & heard him talk about it. Reruns, here I come.

Julie--thanks. I hope. I hope. I'm trying to keep from "catastrophizing" at this moment, Sat. late a.m. I do this every time I'm about to go home. Deep seated anxiety. I'm rushing around washing friends' sheets, towels, feeding cats, sweeping floors, etc.

corine said...

haha, your overflow is richer than most people's entire realm of consciousness. Thanks for your comments. Mine to you also happen during my walks (private joke people)

Mary-Laure said...

I absolutely need to watch this; it looks like the kind of show I would find hilarious...

Diane said...

hope your reno awaits!
I was disappointed when the series of Jeeves & Wooster was discontinued. The Brits do class comedy so well; with the servants having the true 'upper hand'.

Also goes to show just how talented Hugh Laurie is. Hard to believe it is one and the same Dr. House.

Giulia said...

Corine--you don't have to say it but I'll take it. Sold. Stroke, stroke, purrrrr.

Mary-Laure--I think you'd really have a good time. Unfortunately, not on Netflix instant...It's really cheered me up.

Diane--Yes, yes, yes. I watched the whole of Upstairs, Downstairs this past winter/spring & the sense of the servants being more conservative is always fascinating to me. It's the one way they have some control over their, let's face it, unenviable position in life. I don't know a soul who would want to be a servant. (I've known many, from other stinks.)

Hugh Laurie is just fantastic. Both he & Fry are both Renaissance men, truly.