Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week's End - On My High Horse

I'm up on my horse--Missus Ed--& pulling outta here. (Glenn Beck just exhorted all of us to ride a horse somewhere...unsure of where because as his very bad Charlton Heston-as-God impression drones on & the mixed metaphors fly & collide, I'm tuning out.) I'm drawing a line under the week here. I will be posting next week, pretty stuff, Strasbourg, etc. But mainly, I will be tottering around to various appointments. There are so many wonderful links here & on Julie's blog.

PS: Glenn is now yelling about England. Canada: you're up next, you pinkos:)

[Missus Ed in her stable, credit soon. Got so excited the other day by seeing a horse & a chandelier that I forgot mee-sef]


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Oh, poor misguided Glen. I haven't hear any of what he is up today, but have listed to a lot of commentary about it on Progressive Talk Radio. Yikes!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

P.S. i try to STAY OFF my high horse... and sometimes I succeed, but it is my HUSBAND"S favorite seat.

Giulia said...

It was mind-numbing. But weird. Surreal. Like I wrote somewhere...someone tweeted "Mel Brooks produced this, right?" Just imagine that..

Sometimes these events are overblown in the media, it's undoubtedly true. But one of my "things" as an ancient historian (ok, people...of ancient western history, sheesh) is looking at events that seemed very important at that time & how it played out. And the converse. At moment I can't give good examples because my brain circuits are not working properly.

But I wanted to see it & I did. No way was I steady enough on feet to endure Metro madness + my temper is close to surface of late (due to frustration of whatever-it-is-that's wrong. Working on finding out.) Friends were out of town (or country). I thought best to stay here.

And hey, I was able to walk up the street & scored a pair of cute moccasins that I actually need (no heels!) to walk around in when the weather gets cooler. On sale, lady. Mighty pleased.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Susan
Great photo!!! that horse has nicer digs than me!!!

hang in there.. xxx Julie

Diane said...

I was starting to analyze... what is it that makes this photo so compelling? colour harmony + complete contrast of themes (yin/yang) + the 'look' on the horse's face. Then I thought, o just like it.

so I really like it.


Jen said...

This photo was way too divine to be in a post that also included Glenn Beck. I hope he high horses it off the national stage. Glad you found cute mocs, though.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

I laughed my A** off watching the John Stewart video. It scares me to think that ppl listen to that Beck idiot!!!
Have ppl gone crazy???

Giulia said...

Julie, Diane, Jen...thanks, you guys.

Carole--I think those of us in this little corner think yes, (some) ppl have gone crazy. Of course, that's letting them off the in "oh their crazy). I'm not feeling witty or clever enough to say more. Why bother when Jon & Stephen Colbert et al are around? xx