Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Real Dream/The Current Nightmare

I thought I'd be able to stand watching this but it's beyond anything I can possibly explain. I'm about to crack another tooth. It's like being in the middle of Being There & Network. Toss in Dr. Strangelovian bizarreness. Where are the new Paddy Chayefskys? Glenn Beck is now having a predictable meltdown & boohooing as the invited speakers (those he invited) spray blessings over him. He is being compared to Jesus, among great personages. He (Beck) is being called The Great One. (Jackie Gleason?) Oh, yeah, & toss in Elmer Gantry.

Also, as this nonsense is being held in the honor of the sister of a veteran of Afghanistan, regular visitor to Walter Reed Medical Center, & the friend of many Vietnam veterans...I object to this cynical use of our veterans & their vulnerable families.

I am not being a reactionary. I'm reacting to a real threat. Ignore people like this at your own peril., in every country. Freedom of speech is here in my apartment, too. Below is a quote from Totally Mad, Man.

"...History demonstrates what a mistake it can be to treat a crazy fringe as merely that—particularly one with unfettered access to its audience and little sense of responsibility to distinguish between truth and fiction.

How else do you explain the fact that presently, according to a Research 2000 survey, nearly 60 percent of Republicans questioned were unsure if Barack Obama..".read the rest, here.
And then weep.


AB said...

Renting the films again. That was one weird scene. Chin up.

Giulia said...

Have a little festival in Kampala. You should. Weirdness there, too. Hey, one of the funniest & "yes!" tweets was "did Mel Brooks produce this?"



Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I love the labels on this post. You are one sneaky girl.

I have been lost in the wilderness.....

Giulia said...

I am sneaky. And I'm being paid back. Someone's been sneaky & changed my mailing address. Just found out...oh, where is all my mail (magazines, cards, etc.) xo

secret, fragile skies said...

Great post, great quote. Glenn Beck/Tea Party- who can believe there is so much ignorance!?!

Thanks for Loonypalooza - quoting:

"Saturday night, when the event is done, the Lincoln Memorial will still be the place where King gave one of the most memorable speeches of the 20th century. People who came to the rally in search of answers will still be looking. And Glenn Beck will still be a legend in his own mind."

Giulia said...

Thanks, SFS...I've not had chance to look at Loonypalooza yet. That is an excellent quote. And it's one I will try to internalize after I log off. That's right. xx

simon said...

I have a brother in law who did a couple of tours of Afghanistan- he now has cancer.. there are suggestions its as a result of depleted uranium.

All that is- is not what it seems imo.

Jen said...

It hardly seems a fringe movement with over 250,000 showing up. This is a very scary moment in our history. Ugh.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I felt sick all weekend. Yes Jen, a very scary moment.

Giulia has the sweetest face in the world! I send her kisses. Hope you're having a good day. I'm praying the storm moves out to sea...just what you need - a power outage. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Giulia said...

Catherine--If you see this (I don't want to inundate your email queue), I've already made plans if the wind/rains knock out the power. GG & I will go straight to our friends' house in Arlington (where I cat/house sat a week ago & where we spent week in Feb. during snow-madness). We had the conversation yesterday--this time before the fact. I left GG food at their house & both cats use the same, um, toiletries.