Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Arms Akimbo

...Their guild is giving money to the poor.
The worthy poor. The very very worthy
And beautiful poor. Perhaps just not too swarthy?
perhaps just not too dirty nor too dim
Nor—passionate. In truth, what they could wish
Is—something less than derelict or dull.
Not staunch enough to stab, though, gaze for gaze!
God shield them sharply from the beggar-bold!
The noxious needy ones whose battle’s bald
Nonetheless for being voiceless, hits one down.
But it’s all so bad! and entirely too much for them.

From The Lovers of the Poor by Gwendolyn Brooks. Entire poem, here.

I'm just as guilty, by the way. But I fight it. (Hint. The labels on my blogs are commentary, as well as a way for me to keep track of things undone, unsaid, incomplete. Ongoing projects, etc.) Something funnier, no doubt, later. Like running down the street at ungodly early hour, after garbage collectors. In robe & nightgown. (I was wearing the nightgown/robe.)

As Julie's blog is on break (though I might take it off break, so much is happening), here is a link to the lists of places to send help to Pakistan.

Update on Thursday evening. Wow, I'm infuriated by the news. Here's another list of places to help Pakistan. As I say on the other blog, some enlightened self-interest is a good thing. So even if you don't care about 20 million people, you might want to prevent some pretty bad blow-back. Just saying.

[Joan Bennett, arms akimbo via Stars of Yesterday tumblr]


Mary-Laure said...

This kind of reminds me of the poems by Pasolini about the riches of the Vatican and the poor of Rome... I've never seen his movies but I love his poetry.

Jen said...

I absolutely love Gwendolyn Brooks. The situation in Pakistan is truly frightening and the relative lack of response, even more so.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Susan
You do find the most wonderful photos.. Love this girl.. she looks like she could hold her own!!

Hope you have a fab week .. xxx Julie

Angie Muresan said...

My daughter has the exact attitude as the girl in your photo. She always follows it by rolling her eyes. Did I say she's just four? Yeah, well...

Anyway, about the poem, I am guilty of it too.

Giulia said...

M-L - yes! After you left the comment, I whipped up a bunch of P3 info. Post to come (I will actually put that on a list so I'll do it. I've been "warned" by friend that I keep doing Part I type posts & so forth.)

Julie--xoxoxo as always. So many people love the Coliseum Cat - you may have to make postcards (or something), bella.

Jen--thanks SO much for your comment & for your email. I saw it late last night & thought I ought to respond in semi-awake moment. I love Gwendolyn, too, & was so very fortunate to be here in DC when she was what became "Poet Laureate" - in the mid-80s. At a very important, messed up time in my life. So thanks for reminding me. Seriously. That's one of the reasons I maintain this blog (memory recovery). I need to redo an "about/why" post - I took it off & realize that it's important to put back in. Will do best to have a separate page.

Angie--Ha! I've seen those sweet photos of her but a determined look, as well. When she wants to come East to learn troublemaking-in-style (I try to maintain a stylish attitude towards it:), I hereby volunteer to make sure she has lunches, dinners, invitations to parties (not crazy ones), & generally refrain from too much advice dispensation. That is unless she needs bail money. Then I really will need to step. (You laugh now...I've had to do this. They were arrested--though for a very good cause & it was only $25 + a calm-down cream tea-on-me for a mother & non-miscreant daughter. (Burma was the cause.)