Thursday, August 19, 2010

Odour of Chrysanthemums

The short story title popped into my muddled mind a few hours ago. Snipping herbs & flowers, snapping off a few small vegetables (where I'm house/cat sitting), I sensed a change. Of course, it is late summer & it will be too hot for some time yet. I usually welcome the nearly imperceptible shift, the flip of the switch, to a new season. Not today, though, for all sorts of complicated reasons.

But what-ho? (Too much Jeeves & Wooster this summer. I'll be saying 'pip pip' soon.). A new mini-crisis on the literal horizon to divert me. (That's a good thing.) The entertaining birds in the back garden have cleverly timed the emptying of their feeders for this very moment--oh thanks les oiseaux. Now I'll be awake all night if I can't fill them before I collapse from fatigue (which I am about to do). Oh woe.

Strasbourg-of-the-past is what this twaddle above is about. Some of it anyway. Can you see why I drone on about the-rest-of-France & I-love-Alsace, just from that photograph? I hope so. Paris is grand, yes, but it is not the whole country.

[Strasbourg by thexmunichxromance via deviantArt & for good measure, another flower lady via style(dot)com archives]


Mary-Laure said...

I've never been to Strasbourg but that picture really makes me want to go there.

tina tarnoff said...

Jeeves and Wooster it was for me this summer also. I shall miss them dearly. Ran out of episodes. Wooster. Adorable and agreable. Someone one needs around. Don't you think so? To keep the spirits up. Spirits AND spirits. I say. xox

P.S. We have a single mum with two teenage sons as neighbors. They play trumpet, piano, organ, hip hop music - through a help of an amplifyer, they have a nervous barking dog, loud friends that come over for modern jazz playing sessions, and no tact whatsoever.
Any advice? :D

Alistair said...

Hello Giulia,

Thanks for leaving a comment on my wee blog.

At first sight I thought the top photo was Bruges, where we went for my birthday a couple of years ago, until I had a closer look.

Seem like we have other things in common too; I too love France - the Languedoc especially - and we are off to the French Alps in just a few weeks for a holiday. We also share a love for cats and seem to have a similar coloured nemesis by our sides.

Here's a wee story of our cat Jess for you. I hope you enjoy it.

Stay cool!


nancy323323 said...


This is off topic, but I could not send you an email since I don't use outlook. I saw your post on A Cup of Jo regarding St James shirts. Could you possibly provide a website where I can buy them at a reduced price? I have been coveting these shirts for some time, but the price has kept me from purchasing! Thank you in advance!

Giulia said...

Hi Nancy. Off-topic is no problem. I just tried to respond via email, but there was no way to respond. (You don't have to have Outlook. I don't use Outlook. And before I start a rant against Outlook...I'll stop.) Your profile is not available so...I don't know what's with that.

To be clear: These aren't necessarily reduced prices, just less than in the States at J.Crew & even St. James boutiques in NYC (though they deny it).

However, here is my long-winded rant about the shirts. Also, beware that with recent fluctuations in dollar & depending on the weight/amt. you buy, things might not be the same a month or so later. However, email the guy at brittany boutique (the link is in post below) & he'll answer. Hope this helps.


Jen said...

I *thought* that top photo looked familiar! I was lucky enough to do a walking tour through Alsace with my husband shortly after we were married (20 years ago now) and I just loved that region.

Giulia said...

Hi Jen--what a wonderful idea,a walking trip around Alsace. I've been researching & trying to find pix from the forests (& the flat areas before the Vosges where I rode my bicycle a lot), etc. I'm so glad to hear about your trip & hope you won't mind if I email to ask you some questions about your memories of the area.

To Mary-Laure, Alistair (Jess is quite a puddy...actually, I have read about Jess, I confess. But first time I left a comment.I'm just more shy than I seem), Tina (will channel Jeeves this evening, this requires delicacy & a dash of passive-aggressiveness)...will be by to everyone's blogs. I'm rushing.

xo from the other side of the river in DC (meaning Virginia)...