Friday, August 6, 2010

Week's End - Italian Flowers

These flowers will prevent a cascade of photographs of blue dresses, Cary Grant, Mad Men characters, & other faiblesses. (Yes, I am working on Italian Stuff, anyway.) The Design*Sponge post prompted me to look up from the laptop. There on the desk is the same terracotta planter thingy & I have a glass bottle inside. So if I can totter up to the farmer's market (near Chompie the Shark, see below) tomorrow, I will do my poor-writer version.

has inspired me to do several smart things this last year. (No small achievement, believe me.) A few recent ones: finally, fer cryin' out loud buy the missing manual for a sewing machine; rescue a (fake) wrought iron plant stand in a laundry room; refrain from tossing out an entire bed because surely something can be done with the headboard. I bought the terracotta all on my own because I love plant pots. Now, I'll get a ton of spam with those words in it; sorry suckers, I have tight spam control alerts on.

Have a great weekend, wherever you are (& where are you, anyway?)

[flowers via Design*Sponge, many more--including Italian travel pix]


Hannah said...

These flowers are beautiful. I hope you have a lovely weekend my love.

Hannah x

Diane said...

Yes, the flowers are amazing. That one fallen petal makes it all the more compelling. How short a time we have to bloom......

have a wonder-full week end.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Susan
What gorgeous flowers.. and italian too!!! hahah..

Well I've been trying to put together another italian travel post but it just ain't happening!!

Have a lovely weekend my friend.. love your Night Lights post too.. ciao ciao xxxx Julie

Mary-Laure said...

Oh, peonies are my FAVORITE flowers! These are just divine.
And Italy....... I can never get enough of it!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I'll be at home this weekend trying to stay cool. Piles of dried sunflowers on the mantle from the past two weeks. Watched 'A Room with a View' last night. Tonight - maybe - Children of Paradise, which I picked up for 1.00 (!!!) at a used book store. Never used and is the uncut and restored version (VHS). Haven't seen it in a long time. Napping with whelks at my ears might be nice. I like that.

I admire your industriousness as mentioned in your post.


The Clever Pup said...

Hey Chickie,

I really should check out Design*Sponge again, I love the DIY and the Sneak Peaks but I got really sick of the mindlessness of some of the articles (not to mention Grace's wedding - is there a kid yet?).

I tried to tell the group as a whole that one of the contest-winning cribs was the most dangerous thing ever and they shouldn't mess with "code" on things like that. I got a lot of comments, ie. who cares as long as it looks good.

Giulia said...

Hannah & Diane - thank you. I've not been around to visit everyone enough. But will next week.

Julie--Ooh, I hope the connection is better soon. 'Tis so frustrating, I do know about that. I love your travel posts, particularly the Italian ones.

Marie-Laure--I know how much you love your fleurs, fiori/e. Hope Conn. sojourn was an island of tranquility, cherie. xx

Catherine--Dried sunflowers? Wow, from outside or ? I shall have to investigate further via email. What a deal on Children of Paradise..I've not seen in really a long time. Shall ask the Netflix Fairy to bring it next week. xo

Hazel/Pup--Say it, sister. Oof. I'm stewing about this stuff lately. Well, it's not ruining my life or anything. But...a bit of teeth-gnashing is involved. I know well of what you speak, not just there but seemingly everywhere.

This is on Sunday early evening. I just posted a Redheaded Woman Gets the Job Done post. A quick & dirty post but what the hell.