Friday, July 30, 2010

Week's End - Blue & Yellow & Orange

There is no blue without yellow and without orange.--Van Gogh

I've hit a metaphorical wall so I'd like to stare at this for a day or two. I'll return with last week's Sunday Shopping over the weekend. In the midst of uploading photographs from the wonderful BibBon etsy shop, I was rudely interrupted by our electric (f)utility company. Have a great Friday (or Saturday for Aussies & Kiwis). Cheers.

From the photographer Robin Scott:
We came across this colourful grandly named little gem while getting lost in Kinsale (sometimes it's better not to have a GPS). Looks like the window box might have been fitted after a night out. In a street of similar buildings, the one next door is named The Giant's Cottage. The giant would need to bend to get in the door.-- Robin Scott (via here)


Mary-Laure said...

I love van Gogh. I assume you've read his letters to his brother Theo? They're so heartbreaking!

Giulia said...

Ah, yes. In fact I was just looking for the book in my mess the other day. I think I lent it to someone. No more lending, I have decided. They are heartbreaking, yes, the letters.

Several years ago there was a large VVG show in town. The crows in wheatfield, the last one, was at the end of the exhibit, appropriately enough. I remember being furious at people joking & laughing as they made their way through to the end of the exhibit. They were making jokes about VVG & not clever ones, either. I told one young man who was horsing around, nearly knocking over an older women, to stop it. Have some respect--for the living & the dead.

God I was angry. So there you are. I was just as rude but it angered me that these people took so lightly how much effort it was for those paintings to come into being. Especially near the end.

My rant is over, lucky anyone who sees this.

ciao, M-L.

secret, fragile skies said...

Gorgeous. Everything at GG too!