Friday, July 16, 2010

Week's End - What a Dream I Had

...that tulle-clad, I rushed across the street & fixed the power grid myself. This is also to acknowledge a lovely man-child (at the time) who made this his song for me (& sang it) when he walked me around the chilly forests of Alsace, often late at night. Also rambles on the grounds of a château, close to the Rhine. Yes, we even heard the Cathedral bells, though not the Lorelei. It's the anniversary of a very difficult day & so I thank him. (Yes, too sentimental. Oh well.) Update: better quality video, here.

Continuing unexplained power outages. No one is telling us/answering our questions.


Chris said...

You always say you're sarcastic but this is a very romantic and pretty blog without sugary words. I know how old you were but never asked if you were a heart breaker then.(I'm not accusing of it now. Before you get all excited, S.)


Chris said...

And another thing. Just noticed the "too sentimental." You worry too much. But what else is new?

Angie Muresan said...

It sounds so lovely and romantic. I'm sorry that the anniversary is of a difficult day. Thinking of you.

Giulia said...

Chris--you know darn well many people thought I was (am) a "heartbreaker" when it was the exact opposite. They lacked information but accumulated gossip. And even when they were in possession of new info later, one doubts they've changed their opinion. It just doesn't fit with the cinematic scenario(s) they've constructed. I try to keep quiet while they say/publish their interpretations. I just need to get going & publish my interpretations...I won't say "side" because we're past all that now.

Thanks for not gagging at the sentimentality, though.

Angie--thank you so much. I answered you in another comment elsewhere. Not enough coffee, yet. Or something. I should say, which I did but can't find it, that the anniversary is nothing negative about the memory of Strasbourg walks. I thought of the song abruptly when I saw a photograph, & then something led to something else. I didn't want to do a separate post on the sad anniversary, as I have on both blogs, this year. I just couldn't. So they merged. If that makes any sense. Which, to you, it probably will. Thank goodness. xx