Friday, July 23, 2010

Week's End - Paul, Scene Stealer

Here's a link to Top 10 Paul Newman Movies on Scene-Stealers. How cool was Paul? Paul Newman & legendary newsman Daniel Schorr, who passed away this morning, were both proud to be on Nixon's enemies list. That's the spirit!

(Beautiful J
oanne Woodward deserves a post to herself. 'Cause of the scene hog, above. He couldn't help it. He was born that way.)

Tuesday, 27 July update: I've been without power since Sunday, it returned about an hour ago (4am EDT). While I recover & assess the damage to finances & everything else, not to mention my one last delicate nerve, thanks to everyone who stopped by with comments & to queries in my email about 'are you OK?' Til later today, xo

[photograph via, where else? Paul Newman tumblr]


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

He was quite a guy and handsome too. I wish I could have been on the Nixon's enemies list with them! Joan@anythinggoeshere

Brian Miller said...

paul was cool...and makes some pretty mean salad dressing...smiles. loved the greens at your other place as well...hope you get a break in the heat soon!

Mary-Laure said...

OMG, Daniel Schorr passed away? I had no idea. I'm so going to miss him on NPR...

Giulia said...

Joan & Brian--thanks so much. I agree with everything you both said. What are the odds? I'm feeling so very cranky these days.

M-L--Yes. Me, too. Saturdays won't be the same w/out him. I know he was 93 but he seemed indestructible. It really is the end of an era when this happens. I remember his voice from my childhood.

Diane said...

Paul was a heartbreaker. One of my favourites is Cool Hand Luke.

But I don't think there was a single film I didn't like.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I'm so happy you blog. It's always such a pleasure visiting with you. I love your choice of photographs and the very interesting things you post about. And sometimes you crack up with laughter! I need that.
Hope this week's a good one -

Solange said...

interesting blog, lots of nice pictures and stories.
wish you a nice week!

Giulia said...

Diane, Catherine, & Solange--

thank you...i'm running behind. blame it on the utility company.