Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ghost of Electricity

That's all that remains in this apartment, as I walked in arms full of flowers & perishables from the farmer's market. Storms you ask? Why, no, that would be understandable. One outlet & I'm supposed to be happy for it? I actually know how this stuff works (or doesn't). Yeah, that stuns me too.

I'm deducting the cost of all perishables from the damn PEPCO bill. Apologies to nice people who arrive here for the first time. I am rather excitable, yes, but this is the limit. I have lived/travelled in places where this is to be expected. Archaeological digs, countries at war, etc. But. The whole country (& connected Canada) will go this way if people continue to snooze at the mention of the power grid. Really. I've jokingly told friends I will in the future consider only dating men who have generators (or the ability to rig something up that won't kill me). Not survivalist types. Egad. We'd fight to the death in 10 minutes, politically speaking. I'd win, too.

I'm now looking at typewriters online. I suppose the old pedal sewing machine is next.There goes the rest of the power.

Friday update, 1.15pm: off again; on a bit; bound to go off again completely soon (the electricity)

[second photograph by Eugenio Recuenco]


Brian Miller said...

ack. hoping the power outages subside for you...would drive me absolutely crazy...

Giulia said...

It's even worse now. At last count, 24 sudden outages...wreaks havoc with appliances that cannot be replaced, food ruined. Etc.

Angie Muresan said...

Haha. I don't know any men with generators. Maybe they exist up in Montana.

Giulia said...

Yeah, but are they lefty liberals, Angie? She writes days later. With another outage possible...xo